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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello friends my name is Mariya and today i want you tell us about your a new video course which will begin on 25 September in school knitting is very no, and this course will on armholes and neckline and this course will include itself design and calculation of knitting herself to practice and
  • 00:31: processing necks and armholes I will tell you a little detail what wake up the course we are in We will consider this course what kinds are the prime what kinds are neck as calculate in a product different throats v-shaped round square neck also armhole straight and for this type of
  • 01:02: armhole or sloping armhole or armhole for volatile mouse that is we different kinds of armholes consider also the neck also different types we will analyze with you all more details like this all in the product is calculated from account take patterns that is how calculate it is in the pattern that
  • 01:32: do not make mistakes for different species neck and also yes in the armhole yes our look at if it fishnet we have a number loops that there is a cape this is very important moment and also in this I will show the course different kinds processing of the necks and we are all this with you we will calculate by the bandage
  • 02:05: we are not necessarily product ie practice knitting not only Well, the theory is dry and calculations but I will practice you all their secretions and work for many years of practice I will open it as I will share with you all subtleties that I myself use in my work their products Well , something of that of course
  • 02:35: I have for years practice it worked in general I will open everything you cards of a secret and a little bit more I'll tell you about that for this course need this in first of all yarn it does not matter at all what it will be like can be your 100 cars here well wool wool coat acrylic all that you have
  • 03:06: have u will then we will train try to knit the most important thing is that we had material from what will we knit you can here are some small hatchback but the main thing is that you enough for practical part otvyazivanie yes by and our estimates tying all you have enough also we need the tool is spokes
  • 03:36: the right size mail must yes then to us need a marker glasses do not forget a also we need notepad in which we we will do all our records pen is required ruler cutter then which we will enjoy with when we will draw a pattern and
  • 04:06: of course we will need centimeter also necessarily so you have it all was ready at hand and I invite you all I consider this course to be that this is very important information for those who want learn count yourself products with feature of its figure or
  • 04:36: feature of the figure another person before that is, it is very it is important especially wringing the armhole here are the necks and if you want to create products are ideal up to who will sit ideally for your figure or Potter figure on which you knit who this course
  • 05:06: for you all features all we will consider the nuances and learn all this knit and to whom this course is interesting you are welcome contact all contact I will leave the information below this video you can consult for all your questions on about the cost of We have a system
  • 05:37: discounts so write all explain and explain and also on a record that is a group already dialed a few places can use this the opportunity more on this video course and principle on this all I thank you for attention to all Many thanks and all until the new
  • 06:08: meetings