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МАРИНОВАННЫЕ ОГУРЦЫ Все просят рецепт!!! Хрустящие, без стерилизации ХИТ СЕЗОНА!!!

МАРИНОВАННЫЕ ОГУРЦЫ Все просят рецепт!!! Хрустящие, без стерилизации ХИТ СЕЗОНА!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] we will marinate with you
  • 00:37: pickles and marinate my will unusual way it looks the original turns out simply delicious they are crunchy and very very delicious and what do we need lamb green is dill parsley Bulgarian peppers can be taken any flowers red green hot pepper garlic salt sugar vinegar and Here's a seasoning for pickling I bought this cucumber in
  • 01:07: Pyaterochka is also me or a villa in a magnet first cucumber always to match a minimum of four six hours because I have cucumbers purchased in the market of their cucumbers I do not because I live in the city and even if you have them home we all equal and always before pickling soak we start to prepare someone interesting recipe remain the most and all
  • 01:37: ingredients will be prescribed under the video so We begin the cooking with slicing Bulgarian pepper Bulgarian pepper we cut like this small thin slices Here and so then here such slices garlic in principle cut into any shape But I like it that way, then when help usual cleaning can that I
  • 02:08: bought a magnet they are sold in all stores and they are very budgetary we now we will cut thin slices of cucumbers and make it's so easy when I close zucchini you did not ask questions like this do people try to do it with a knife but I will immediately say that the knife is so thin not cut here should be only cleaning the housekeeper like this in thin cut all the cucumbers in my cucumbers soaked they were standing hours by me
  • 02:42: 78 but you see that they are still cut very very good nothing here is not breaks and twists and will not either ideally the peel cucumbers in any case remove do not need this and that's how we will be slice Well, I cut the cucumbers they turn out they are I like such stripes as you see they thin from a residue that I do not Doering never throws away why I
  • 03:14: I use them to tell you everything later. so now that we take the banks I necessarily sterilized lid on boiled and now we will begin to pawn banks and so I need banks I put dill if you have umbrellas it's good if there is no ordinary dill any further take parsley parsley is very attached
  • 03:44: piquant taste I add parsley I green herb chuni when I add garlic , I have it cut and a little hot pepper because I'm eating children i never sharpen more now we take but in the cartoon and now we are taking a cucumber take the Bulgarian pepper and wrap it up
  • 04:15: cucumber that is Bulgarian pepper in us is found inside are such original beautiful rolls and now we fill these rolls completely jar Well, that's how original and beautiful I am filled the whole jar if rolls in which pepper I did not invested it wrong it is important to do generally a minimum of pepper is all for your discretion now I have boiled water and now I will fill them with hot water
  • 04:45: for 10 minutes so they stood I put a twig on top of the rolls dill and small ones such here daughter of cucumbers so that the jar la we are very very full and there was no emptiness this filled jars we fill with boiling water the water boiled and immediately I begin pour in so fill a full jar
  • 05:16: fill it like this and cover it immediately just cover it but not we close and leave here so jars for 10 minutes it will be enough and so 10 minutes passed and we pour out the jars now we will salt and prepare marinade from calculation for 1 liter of water and so here a liter
  • 05:48: water starts to boil and I'm here I add a floor of a spoon of dining rooms here such seasoning that I bought in the store she sold and a magnet and pyaterochki if you do not have this seasoning but add just black pepper peas and salt sugar then two tablespoons of sugar per liter water and one tablespoon of salt without
  • 06:20: slides all well mixed and give approximately boil marinade well, min. 3 so the marinade of the hairs and now hot marinade filling in cans to the top of the can I poured hot marinade and now every jar
  • 06:50: I pour in 40 milliliters of nine percent vinegar now I pour in and I will tighten tightly but in I have a bank because it is liter and now we will check the bank on tightness as we well closed cap as we see that nothing follows the marinade we are well- kept under the lid
  • 07:22: Accordingly, we closed the bank well and now we wrap up the banks with a blanket or warm towel and leave until full cooling delicious crispy pickled cucumbers have turned out is not very easy and easy to prepare It takes a little time and a little ingredients and if you liked prescribe put laiky subscribe to channel do not forget to click on bell to not miss new ones interesting videos
  • 07:52: but who did not like to put the dislikes I'm not offended at the dislikes group vkontakte share your recipes, leave your comments in I'll tell everyone to cook with love and everything at you will be all for the time being until the new meetings