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Jammed the sharovy crane how to block? \/ Jammed ball valve, how to block?

Jammed the sharovy crane how to block? \/ Jammed ball valve, how to block?  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello. In this video, I'll tell you what to do if the ball valve does not overlap. Many people do not know that the ball valve must be turned at least once a month. A full cycle of 90 ° in one direction, to the end to block it. And 90 ° in the other. In parallel, the tap handle - the tap is open. The handle is perpendicular to the cock - the cock is closed. This simple operation to open and close the crane will extend the life of the crane. If this is not done, then approximately, after 5-7 years on cold water, the tap can overgrow with stalactites and the ball just jams. It will not be possible to block it.
  • 00:34: If you are faced with a similar situation and your tap does not overlap, I will now show you, as you can try to block your ball cock. I try to block it, but it does not overlap. It comes to this here and that's it. There are times when he does not move at all. Although you do, he does not go there. Many people just take pliers and try to rotate it with pliers. Unfortunately, this almost always results in the fact that the butterfly breaks off. Therefore, I do not recommend that any pliers do not grasp the handle.
  • 01:06: Because the handle is made of either silumin or aluminum. Both break down at times - two. What should be done? It is necessary to unscrew the nut and remove the butterfly. The butterfly is removed. Some cranes have such a clamping nut. This nut is pressed by an epiploon. If the rod does not move at all, then take this stuffing box and twist it a little. He needs to let go a little. Slightly unscrewed. You do not need to unscrew it all. After, when you released it a little bit, the Vtoroplast plaque, the Vtoroplast
  • 01:38: stuffing box, which is there, a little unclenched. And after that you need to take some suitable key and take it for this stock. That's for these faces. You can use pliers in extreme cases, but with pliers you can crush the stock. And so here's a little bit. Ras have opened. Two. Three four. In this case, there is no need to rush anywhere. Every time a little bit. Have opened. Closed-opened. Closed-opened. Each time, increase and increase the amplitude.
  • 02:11: If you take it and immediately with a swing key, you'll open it like this, those. you will break the ball. You will break either a screwdriver or a ball. At the end of this rod inside the crane is a screwdriver, which is put in the groove on the ball. And after that, when you just take and turn sharply, it breaks or crumbles ball, by itself, or the stock breaks. Both will lead to the fact that the crane in any case will have to be changed.
  • 02:41: Attempt to close the tap in full swing. See the pen walks, the ball stands still. Here's our ball valve. So I'm sorting it out. And here is the trash. Please, gentlemen. The ball just split. It's his remains. In most cases, if there is a similar crane, reinforced either in a thick casing
  • 03:11: The operation that I am now showing is resuscitating the crane and it will continue to work for a long time. And further on a little bit there to here, there to here. How long does it take? It all depends on the degree of jamming the crane. It can take you 10 minutes. More than 10 minutes I did not come across. I have not yet taken such an operation. As you can see, a drop of water has come out. Nothing wrong. It just released the stock. After that, I will pull up the nut and the V-plastic spacer will shrink back and everything will be the way. Go there a little bit.
  • 03:41: By a little. By a little. All. My ball valve is blocked. Now, in order to make sure that it is blocked by 100%, I take the butterfly back. And I look into the groove. I see that this part of the butterfly touches this part of the ball valve. Until the stop. This is called the emphasis. I'm not concerned, so I'm pushing the faucet on. Everything has come to an end.
  • 04:12: Now I must tighten the nut. Omentum times. And two. After all this I wipe it dry paper napkin or toilet paper that is at hand and I check whether there is no leakage there after the oil seal was tightened. Everything is dry. After that, I put on the pen. I tighten the nut.
  • 04:43: It is also better to tighten the nut to the end, so that the butterfly is pressed down against the stop. So that it touches the stops when opening and closing. If your crane does not have stuffing box, this nut, as I said, then without a nut, do exactly the same operation. If there has flowed, then, unfortunately, it will be necessary to change the tap. But ball valves flow only in an alternating position - this is how it can flow from the stuffing box. If it is fully open or completely closed,
  • 05:14: then there will be no leakage. You see that I revived the tap. He moves well except that at the end of a little goes tugovato. A little bit more to develop it there and the crane will live on. As you can see, the operation is not very difficult and almost any person will cope with this operation. The only thing I should warn you if you have a heavy crane body of the crane is thick, as in my case, then you can easily try, something that I just recommended to you.
  • 05:44: If the body of the crane looks very thin and suspicious, then it is better not to do this operation. Why? Because the body of the crane can break. And it can break not because the tap is thin. Sometimes thin cranes are made of the right steel, and there are thin cranes that are made not clearly from what. Type silumin, or whatever it is called there. To such cranes, the click is given, it will crumble. Therefore, it is better not to make such an operation to such cranes. So, if the crane is thick, do it. If the tap is thin, then please close the water somewhere to the tap and change without trying to restore it. If it is a standing crane, you will have to call the housing office and ask them to either block the riser
  • 06:21: either came and changed this tap for you. I hope my instruction will help many people who have stuck a ball valve. That's all. With you was Artem. Till.