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How it is convenient to store accessories? The review of organizers for storage of trifles  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good afternoon me I call on and you on channel online store all the beads dot ru today's video devoted to super convenient systems storage representing organizer with many cells in this moment on our website for there are three option organizers and each of them I I will tell in more detail links to them will be in
  • 00:30: end of the video and in description under the video start with the fact that let's talk about creative disorder on workers tables of shelves and cupboards almost every needleworms these mountains accessories a bunch of all sorts jars of boxes bags are familiar all to something generally find have to spend great amount time and stop all creative process with such systems storage with
  • 01:00: disorder will be is done once and forever all organizers are made of quality plywood and glued with glue pva then they are absolutely ecological and the first two are safe option organizers have rectangular shape and takes a minimum places at work they are reliable sustainable and very neatly executed one of the main advantages of such organizers is transparent containers that very
  • 01:32: quickly find something that necessary Containers are presented in two sizes alone smaller containers other containers deeper both very capacious and very strong and despite deceptive fragility Plastic at them really reliable and long-lived large container withstands weight up to 400 gr and that is all Heavy
  • 02:03: metal fittings and large stone beads or also metal you can absolutely quietly place cells of the organizer is also very convenient get down to work just take out multiple trays which you need and working directly from them nothing is not going anywhere pouring and then return the paws to place on your workplace again purity and order second advantage important for such organizers are
  • 02:33: what can you fill it with different dimensions of the tanks there is you there are three rows small capacity and one a number of large and you can fill in all cells only small capacities or all cells large depending on the type your activity store accessories and other materials You can also by colors will lead on topics and you will easily have them find also advantage
  • 03:03: is that you can zadekorirovat such organizers since you like you can paint it in favorite color or use decoupage or something on them draw either glue something some beautiful decorative elements in common all what will tell you your fantasy well and of course you can leave them in such they are beautiful look and so also with lateral sides organizer, you can attach cloves some hooks and hang here those
  • 03:34: the same tools top surface too it is possible used in as a shelf and so looks like the third variant of the organizer he does not have much volume than the previous two option but much much more room he rotating and has four sides of the cell it is more various besides the same plastic There are still lots of trays here open and drawers
  • 04:04: also retractable closed boxes with pen and there are simple shelves for which you can add for example paints or ready-made decorations or what is here it will be convenient be placed surface also can be used as a regiment there is still department on top for pencils or for the same instruments then a deepening it can also be decorate any
  • 04:34: for you interesting way but also to strengthen hooks to all lateral walls there are 4 you can place in two series and either something long here suspend by such storage systems you clear the maximum place in its the desktop save a lot time spent searching the things you need or these fittings organizers by the way will not be irreplaceable
  • 05:04: only for needlewomen or creative people children can also store there are many interestingnesses usefulness it can to be toys from kinder surprises or small parts from constructors of lego male half with their finally bring their own nails bolts and nuts and of course in the house can also be stored the smallest some batteries stationery clips eraser sharpeners and much more in common and in general it is absolutely irreplaceable thing
  • 05:34: which is strong will simplify your creative process and save your time and nerves link to this the goods will be at the end this video as I already spoke in description under video there you can follow the link find the full a description of these organizers their fill and accurate The size of each organizer and plastic cells also want to note that until the end of November they act spitsyna
  • 06:05: so that such a opportunity to miss you can not do it all on me I want to say thank you for viewing this video subscribe watch our channel for new videos put your likes and bye till