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Пампушки с чесноком к борщу (в духовке). Тесто без яиц, готовится очень просто - запись пользователя Людмила Попова в сообществе Болталка в категории Кулинария  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone I suggest to cook Garlic pampushki to borscht is fragrant air buns with garlic and greens it seems to me such pampushki though everyone day, give me a big soup, but they do not bother to cook and treat your close to delicious homemade cakes for cooking dumplings in a large A bowl or bowl of a planetary mixer pour 450 grams of wheat pre-sifted flour and a half 1 teaspoon dry yeast
  • 00:32: a spoonful of sugar half a teaspoon of salt 100 milliliters of slightly warm milk and 200 milliliters of slightly warm water now knead the dough to elasticity manually need to knead about 5-6 minutes and with a mixer two or three minutes but here and our dough is ready it is soft and elastic very well behind hands now we lubricate the surface of the dough two tablespoons vegetable
  • 01:03: oil so it does not dry out best use sunflower unrefined it will give a test pleasant aroma bowl with the test covered slightly damp towel and leave in a warm place without drafts before increasing the dough in a volume of at least two times for about an hour and a half now when the dough came up we lay out it on the work surface and share in small pieces I got 12 pieces
  • 01:34: they should be more or less the same we round each part I bend the edge of the dough inward to the middle and roll the ball into a baking dish grease with vegetable oil and we lay on it the future of pampushki leaving intervals but not very large because they are still growing and better so that they grow up they blurred formed pampushki cover slightly wet towel and leave in a warm place without drafts for half an hour
  • 02:06: they grew up during this time heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius when the dumplers came up grease their surface with milk and send already Preheated oven for 30-35 minutes focusing on their oven, they should well brown the first 15 minutes oven does not open until pampushki bake garlic filling to begin with finely chop dill clean the bowl of a blender put garlic
  • 02:36: garlic half a teaspoon of salt pour in 50 milliliters of ordinary water add two tablespoons of fragrant unrefined sunflower oil and all we grind now we remove the knife and add finely chopped dill we get from the oven ready pampushki readiness
  • 03:06: check with a toothpick she must leave the test completely dry and immediately water hot pumushki fragrant filling if this is not done immediately they do not so well soak distribute the fill for all the cannons more or less evenly at first the surface of pampushes is quite firm but pouring them will soften pampushki soak up fill and become extremely fragrant soft and tasty we leave pampushki on 5-10 minutes soak
  • 03:36: the fragrance is just stunning garlic let the pleasant aroma such that to stand even five minutes is very difficult and even painfully Well, we serve the borscht time for the table try garlic pampushki and enjoy and dizzying taste if you liked the recipe put like and also watch my other videos subscribe to the channel and leave
  • 04:07: comments and I wish you a pleasant appetite and good mood