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Announcement of knitting MK "Мышиная возня"

Announcement of knitting MK "Мышиная возня"  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen with you today 1vetlanda allian co-author project isma visual length than sweeping your knitting machine with
  • 00:31: scratch today I start broadcasting without natalya because i'm experiencing a new information transfer system so today, for now, I'll start alone I hope that natalya to me after all join a bit later and we we can show together with her master class about us which you are now You see, well, I'll remind you that he yesterday we speakers at the conference showed one
  • 01:04: of varieties mice and today as usual we have this mouse we will repeat because not everyone could yesterday be present and so that all the same conference is not the format on the which is interesting for our participants to be so we made a decision for ourselves that master class of the conference we will repeat for already for our audience for the native for which you do not need to be
  • 01:34: pricked prison where you can laugh well, and there's a similarity to behave as we are usually used and therefore today we We will make small changes in master class those who are with us you for a long time they know that of course we are of course repeat the master class on it will be some but these nuances and therefore those who was not yesterday they will see it that we did what it was that we did today compare these two models choose the best for me on multiple computers at once
  • 02:10: I experience some difficulties therefore now I'll try all the same to see oneself literally minute that we have here that does not go because I'm experiencing a new new system Yes, I see great but this week we have
  • 02:40: the marathon ended machine knitting which was called white river and my conference is writing well done well done thank you very much and won with a great preponderance of the work of Tatiana Vasilyeva Tatyana Vasilieva many times I already can not win the winners that we will no longer accept it
  • 03:10: work in voting on a get-together because the quality is off scale if we competed in it as it is unknown who would have won Therefore, the grandson of mutual consent will decided that the gatherings of Tatiana Basilieva still it's not level but on conference of Ainu on marathons needs all let us be able to equal leader here I think that Tatiana Vasilyeva is one of several people
  • 03:40: which are really leaders in this kind of in creative knitting and Tatyana Vasilieva won once again as the previous one marathon we congratulate Tatyana and wish her creative successes and we have someone to equal last week we knitted diagonals sarafan this model us natalia themselves struck by his unexpected unexpected simplicity and solution which just lie on the surface but for some reason no one sees it, that is, in this
  • 04:10: item aligned pairs and offset sundress Here's how many things fit in two a surprisingly simple thing looks elegantly knit just is calculated even easier, but that's how there is a yarn and a machine, why should not the children impose such sundresses when you do not need to count anything two Measured the length desired and the volume breasts and all went sundresses shoot with an ideal fit and our participants have already imposed reports and 1 sent a marina yesterday at
  • 04:42: conferences still did a special accent to the fact that when we receive reports on puppets it does not mean that he is like we are learning to knit on dolls is not it came to you The model more precisely the client came with such figure could you can come doggie for a sarafan or a horse and you will need therefore, it is our model Well, here it is such a growth well, that
  • 05:12: do we inch came and we are on any of our customers can always bind or Pavlov is also one of our I really like the winners of marathons her model is also here when you see that people do not just knit because well because this is his work or because he earns money on this and that's why that it brings great pleasure because without joy without pleasure create such work and well, that's just it will not be easy
  • 05:44: copying from the original and here's the clay this is the last work for today came to remind that he is on Friday machine-knitting marathon starts which we called here so here is the goal i to Unfortunately not a fan therefore to shout and How about chanting nothing I can but I did it for a while and how this happens with exclamation signs and with long o and the marathon that we will knit it will be Again, not a predictable result, we
  • 06:16: natalia too long thought as if to confuse everything in fact it will be a pillow fan cushion is like nothing such but pillow cushion but only those who reach the end they will enjoy the that they will be offered an unexpected the vision of this pillow is therefore Join if you have time if you are a fan and either if your family has fans of course we will finish until finer after that how the World Cup finals will end
  • 06:48: but here we have it turned out that we are to Unfortunately they could not start earlier better started someday than never so very championships you will already have a ready product and those who do not have football fans from you Also there will be a product in which you absolutely can not learn in Danish attributes well the same I remind that if you like our gatherings in general what are we doing please put like on this video share press buttons of Jesus' social networks and come to
  • 07:18: our regular gatherings subscribe on our channel because here today I tested a new translation system when We already set the screensavers in advance immediately visible and you can see that We will be in our master class in advance that is, before the master class began started but this is only if you are subscribed Thursday June 14 we are traditionally we will hold a two-circuit sit-round
  • 07:48: I here have shoved three more caps of new which we did not have but now beyond I do not know where these caps to cram because if reduced still more by 3 4 it will not be easy to do something already the more precisely the number various caps that we create Well, you can not say at the click of a finger but using the most simple tricks because we want our two full-time sit-ups
  • 08:19: 2, it is not in a storm jacquard this arana is some complicated patterns which are not available to beginners we specially for and textured carers We offer caps that are simple in and in which Only transplants from the face inside out with the faces are all about no other patterns and features 2 fonts we do not we use therefore if you do first steps come hats a lot not it's like girls every time I I 'm worried that we will end up
  • 08:49: this and start knitting some extra things gloves mittens there 's something else they tell me hats much does not happen they are lost regularly and well that we we can what is the other cap that does not have We were up to this well and also remind you that we not only sit sitting on the vine all those are not serious things but still we We position ourselves as a school of machine knitting and we teach to knit on any visually machine from scratch if you are experiencing difficulties in curbing your
  • 09:20: an iron horse if you are with him to speak in elevated tones come the introductory course is that program which will allow you to love your a visual machine and then to run home from work to reproach it is with great pleasure to wait for this A program that removes fear of machine knitting will open but the locks your desire the dam will break and you will here on receiving from this pleasure
  • 09:50: Not the torture that usually accompanies those who makes himself the first steps and yet it will really be have fun because with us you all will get well and about a get-together once again I will remind that a sit-round is the one the format that we have for special for our school of knitting to some kind of way to entertain we will not tell anecdotes will not be a song to sing a cake is and will offer non-standard approach to machine knitting
  • 10:20: and therefore we hold two formats knitting meetings this on Tuesdays semi-closed when the master class is open for all comers only when he goes and Thursdays that remain in the open access and after End but so you know that we will to knit so you do not lose lost space summer and those who have summer came on time because the master class closes after that and see God
  • 10:50: You can not and many are experiencing the same way why where then subscribe the link is under this video well, and again I remind you that when will look at today our master classes please click like click do not like we are still pleased that in me laziness lift your finger and press the button on the computer because yesterday at sitting sitting people and only one person Tatyana Vasilyeva answered us that she knows how to knit I will remind the machine that that that we even on
  • 11:20: sit-ups and those reports that you saw at the beginning are laid out in our group who are called together knitting this group vkontakte screensaver in the present moment looks like this to me and you can go there and see what kind of gatherings we had What reports did we have and need to like a master class you can buy for 300 rubles that is why the rule of sitting is as follows that you can participate for free at the end of the master class the cost of it
  • 11:51: 300 rubles and the report is in this case not compulsory but you can purchase get a more accurate record in order to and also because if you have it is possible to get for free why her lose, but only if it is occurred within 24 hours by end of the master class ie before tomorrow to 19 hours you can write us an application about what you want get this master class but what do you promise to send us a report they if you wrote that the grass is dying
  • 12:21: want but not sent is not so much you needed, we find it funny Grave serious stones with promises written you the black list is no longer to you came as long as you were more accurate if you went still some kind of master class, we either do not came as long as you are not considered Because of this, because you they asked for a little but also you either did it for her buy back do not redeem in this case then you really are removed from you all obligations to us sent you a master class required
  • 12:52: mail google that is here jam lk this Let's assume that we send in this case format allows us to provide you master class without downloading because that earlier we gave a master class for you downloaded and buried in box and forgot to knit in this case you like the week for that to be tied up and sent but also we will play a rally today among those who fulfill the conditions of participation ended very simple conditions need knit by our master classes sign a photo on
  • 13:22: to your group vkontakte more precisely on its page vkontakte well, mark hashtag square nerask is our otherwise I can not find them and also a reference from your description to yours from which to tell what you tied on the model 's master class red should lead to the subscription page well here as very simple rules if you do not understand something if you do not know how to join our school If you do not know how to master
  • 13:52: class get something then visit our site called cottage knitting you can dial in the Internet isolated period of our site which in English it sounds like this hut visual and here's the button contacts Clicking on it will take you to the page who have skype my phone natalia mail common mail and so on, that is, how somehow you will find well or you can find me in touch and write I beg your comments please do not write
  • 14:24: comments to the posts because I'm not with he did not look deep into these pages our and I can not see your your message and also ask not to respond to comments of those who will offer you buy our master classes or pay somewhere there is something other than me administrator of our groups, they are not not replies that is if you pay where then there is no claim to me please it is not necessary to present all the same need understand that if you pay
  • 14:56: to a stranger, then you risk that you can lose the day you lose but you Also I remind that it is not necessary to be afraid all you do not know is try one once maybe you'll like to write your questions to our post dog post from We have tied up a hole and we will always find and what to talk about and how to help you on I finish the presentation and through a few minutes we will begin the master himself class in which either im lick a mouse mouse
  • 15:28: friend of our mouse which we tied up Yesterday at the conference so esper I need stop all this and now we will try so to stop well