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  • 00:00: view 7 you on the channel knit together with lenochka and today I want to fulfill one request very wonderful my subscribers it begged that she showed how the grandmother's square is tied up from the corner you will see from the corner I have such Here's a diagram of the scheme of the girl you see what there is another no why it's bad seen but I'm a bright half and this is so print my printer and nothing with it we can not do well, at least there is all but it seems to me quite good to see all the more here it is very, very easy to give let's get hooked 20 half
  • 00:30: although it does not matter but often ask to start let's see what do we need to do to look at good you need to dial for 5 air loops and close it in a ringlet let's get 5 air rings Peter and closed the ring so to 12345 and we close here just generally loop do 3 lifting loops 1 2 3 here they are
  • 01:03: 1 2 3 and 2 columns with a single crochet Do it right there, here's one post we do look with one crochet and 1 more column with one crochet then according to scheme we need to make 3 air loops and here you also ring three more bars with one crochet one we tied
  • 01:33: the second column, we linked the code and the third column now see what he told us according to the scheme the diode is farther away and according to the scheme it is seen by us good we did with you right now, this is that's all this is the first row now on the second row for 2 ryadochka we need to score three Lifting loops and 3 air loops for drawing
  • 02:05: let's mean we recruit 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 unfold the work further according to the scheme Look here please a couple of under the arches of 3 air loops that we all did it here they are see here these arches we will need do the same 3 columns with one with 3 air loops and again here you fall on three bars with one
  • 02:35: with 3 air loops and finish row with a single crochet very very very well done 6 air loops eat under the ring 9 under the arches there elbow and under the arches do 3 posts here are three bars with one crochet and here third pillar 3 air loops this one the middle of the black she's here in the middle
  • 03:05: betrayal, and no matter how much you may vis a the size of the square it will be all the time alone and the same is just like three bars with one 3 air loops and 3 columns one-piece it's invariably , look, here we were. untied these here are these here are visible they will constantly be continue and are constantly the same so we do 3 air loops and and we finish ryadochek in the third loop
  • 03:36: lifting we make a column with one crochet here about knitting and here you see corners here the beginning turns out already we knitted two ryadochka that we need make the third row look mine good so we do 3 lifting loops here under this airy we all are made with you 3 air loops for this we make two bars with one more
  • 04:07: on the crochet 3 the air loops are again the same the very same midpoint and 3 Air loops and 3 bars with one nakida very very simple scheme and looks good make 3 air loops and unfold work and see here it is the arche where we are made 3 air loops for it we we make two more columns with one crochet 3 air loops 3 air loops
  • 04:42: now we are doing our midpoint here she seredinka see the same thing goes three bars with one crochet 3 air loops and again here also 3 pillars with one crochet we make 3 air loops 1 2 3 and this one
  • 05:15: under this arch we knit three bars 12 2 sticks knit and the third in the third two times three here is a place lifting loops look like this at good and that's what we got girls here it is so here it is see goes goes on Let's say 4 rows of rows and 4 rows
  • 05:47: see also the same 6 loops There are also three column with one crochet 3 air loops our middle is unchanged 3 air loops under the arches and column with one crochet 3 air loop and ending in a row with one column let's do it with us 6 air loops 3 4 5 6 unfolding he gave the girl a look at this
  • 06:22: hole you're here this aruchku start here you need to make three bars with one накидом 2 3 three more air loops and our unchanged midpoint 3 columns with one crochet do you want 3 air loops and not singing 3
  • 06:53: column with one crochet Two more remains for us to relate to the second column of sarni cape and 3 3 air loops and again under the bows from us and you we make 3 columns with one crochet and here it is always so now constantly business with you see 3 air loops and finish with you
  • 07:26: post girls that post to no with one thread, now let's get us still let another color and see how it will look 2 colors and so it turns out well look here we get the rectangle here to me
  • 07:56: I like anal supplement now to others color it will be turquoise color beautifully will be combined with me seems I as always about zaledo calling girls I in a simple way so we are now doing 5 years and the fifth row we make 3 air
  • 08:28: loops and we will already make another color here 1 2 3 3 air loops here and here here under This arche we make two more bars with We then make 3 air loops 1 2 3 5 here under this arched under Each this archu photo and this one under this we
  • 09:01: we will do three columns with one cape remember girls from 1 time instantly to teach here nothing of a scheme for and prestige and again doing 3 air loops we sew our middle 12 3 and 3 of the column were tied and what is needed make 3 air loops and again here
  • 09:31: under the card three more bars with one crochet 3 air loops glasses once two three and Again, a video of the small fetters see this hole here this arhku at once make 3 columns with a single crochet, do not go wrong today I I'll show you the following way here :
  • 10:01: once I show you more puddles of pain on slightly more complicated but also beautiful looks also knitting grandmother's square from the corner see we then do under the arches 3 the post immediately follow we do 3 air loops now we are doing here in the latter here here is the grave 3 st of the 2nd column and the third column we are in the third loop lift the thing is this place loops rise that's what we got
  • 10:32: look at the well here so let's we now that we get 6 I let's see what the sixth row it's now she's 6 ryadochek now I'm good I will show here he is 6 ryadochek also we will have 6 air loops and chick under the arch 3 posts with one on the cushion 3 the air hinges under the arches 3 column 3 air loops here on Expanding you see due to what and
  • 11:05: Our unchanging center and the same here , let's steer the wheel and tie our daughter yourself and see what we have here with you it turned out but you do what you did on your own Look here began our beginning from tail and here it is and our rubber unchanged here's what you get look at the square so turn the box so you look too beautiful and you can do it multicolor is perfect here it will look good , you see how the circuit is very simple , I'll leave it to you
  • 11:35: at the end of the video I just put the scheme so look still here is not very well seen can there a little bit better to be seen I'll just be happy thank you my good that have been with me all the wonderful mood of the lungs knitting is more positive and who is not subscribed to the channel subscribe be sure to click on the bell and I still will be glad to go all for now and until new meetings