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Precisely it will be pleasant to all! Fragrant chicken cutlet with mushrooms  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] All regards this project is another kitchen and with I am Alexandr friends today for you gorgeous recipe prepare chicken cutlets with mushrooms and greens will turn out great for today's recipe we will need chicken's meat I took the breast here somewhere 400 grams
  • 00:30: bunch of parsley 1 large onion 200 grams of champignons and spices of pepper black is your favorite spice for chicken salt and more we will need 1 egg today we will begin to crush the cube with onions and immediately sent to a skillet let on average fire in a small amount of oil fry until golden brown for it time and mushrooms cut into cubes
  • 01:01: here is the golden ray and here the mushrooms well we mix here a piece was caught and we wait while to evaporate from mushrooms superfluous Enemy chicken is also cut on the cube here such strips send a crust
  • 01:35: in a cup that's almost such stuffing you can use and meat grinder we add the cut greens morning shichko is very fragrant and now mushrooms from the pan comment until we all cut and not served or too fragrant add egg and mix well forcemeat is ready to be laid out in a frying pan with
  • 02:07: warmed up straight on a tablespoon of the edge rake up and so that they do not waste time and do not fell off and fried on both sides pay attention to open the meat is now it's time to turn white before turn everything on slow fire fragrant I'm sure you also feel this delight full delight friends turned out deliciously fragrant and very
  • 02:37: juicy it turned out 3 6 9 12 pieces one already tasted incredibly taste neglect the greenery parsley here in a theme with mushrooms with onion and with chicken breast it 's something it's unrealistically delicious always I forget and now I will say necessarily subscribe to our channel because I'm leaving glad was with you see you prepare this dish share all the best for now
  • 03:08: [music]