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  • 00:00: hello and shop happiness is with you again today i want you tell about very fast and and tasty sauce that I make for your family and which can use for meals from potatoes for meat dishes for macaroni that is for anything at all this sauce can for vegetables fit and somehow accidentally wrong invented itself can be it for me invented do not know here I am I want with you share and so to us
  • 00:30: you need sour cream soy sauce and several denticles garlic this is a minimum the composition of my sauce you can add there in fact additionally what you love can add nuts and blindness loves with nuts This sauce can be a say the basic and from you can then do additional some sauce and so we take refined cloves of garlic
  • 01:01: squeezing them our eat note the time between other it is very a lot of 2 large spoons sour cream is even possible pure kid and about one
  • 01:32: a tablespoon we add the sauce soy sauce all this business is mixed up to homogeneous mass I do not think you will prevent the green will prevent but now I just will not see cops and other necessary here is a sauce we use for fries home for example for pasta when cereals of some kind dishes well, salted vegetables on grilled any vegetables on
  • 02:03: grilling is not ready makka yes very could it be amazing for mushrooms well that is this seam committed universal almost I'm already done how much do we have vymeshali to homogeneous consistency and from us turned a a wonderful sauce that we sell to any favorite dish
  • 02:35: shop 6 wishes you Bon Appetit stay with us subscribe to our channel with us it is delicious