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  • 00:00: welcome you dear friends you are on channel knit knitting my name is galina and today I have for you are another very beautiful such here unusual pattern look closer as it looks very original such a laptop simply The super patterner is his front and this is his the wrong side, too, look what
  • 00:30: she beautiful smooth turns pattern very very simple outwardly it looks like such an openwork pattern Repeat pattern consists of 4 loops + up to 3 additional loops for symmetry repeat in the pattern only two rows and now I'll show you how this the pattern I will continue here is this one here is a sample we knit the first row edge edging
  • 01:03: took off here we have a report of 4 loops 1 facial with two covers 1 2 front with two nakidami and 3 facial with two nakidami We remove the fourth loop without tying it The thread remains at work and we repeat
  • 01:33: to the end of the series 3 facial with two capes 1 2 we do not take the fourth loop tying 2 to the end of the row and at the end of the series we have three facial with two
  • 02:03: 1 2 3 and the last edge we sew the wrong loops we tied the first row of our pattern turn and knit the second row edge loop we shoot the following 3 The loops we had with the outfits of their We take off and we throw off the capes. such 3 elongated loops and bind them
  • 02:36: as follows, the first second loop we move it to the left knitting needle And we throw the third loop and so forward that is me them we change their places and we sew with purl loops 1 2 3 4 loop that we have it here it is
  • 03:07: elongated we are tying the purl loops that is and loops purl knit again 3 loops shoot sc reset and then the first two we leave before work and so on the left spokes and the third at work so here we cross we put on the left needle and we tie it
  • 03:39: the fourth loop we have purl again 3 we remove the loops capes then dropping the first 2 loops on left knitting needle and then this one here's a loop the third we impose here as though so
  • 04:11: Cross and put on your left knitting needle and I sew 1 2 3 4 purl and so on end of the series and here is such a beautiful not ordinary and
  • 04:50: a simple pattern we get further The pattern is repeated from the first row ie repeat the first and second rows like this Here it looks great looks the pattern of any wrong and from thin and thick threads can try to experiment but on summer just generally here Rick pattern super-very beautiful if you liked to put the class not forget to subscribe to the channel write
  • 05:21: my comments liked my look and whether or not and before meeting in the new video all bye