Мастер-класс по созданию Подарочной коробки для Куклы  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewomen my name is faith makarenko I'm a master at I carry the map with I want pleasure invite you to my master class on creating a gift boxes for dolls and this is an option classical capsule cover bottom many are familiar to you yoga construction on master class we will do a box for a doll up to 20 centimeters on me I'll tell you how it is possible adapt to higher doll I I will tell in detail how build and win in a box for dolls of any size explain how to avoid
  • 00:30: popular mistakes creation of such box as we make the sky and the lid we will make beautiful clear window decorate it in technology scrapbooking also we will do additional but in this box which will enable us pin a doll so she does not fidget I did not change the outfit and did not spoil his hair this master class will only be closed access it will not fall into the open
  • 01:01: Access is online it will be 2 September from seven to nine in the evening get it you can now if you want to take part 2 September if you do not you can then you can buy or this master class on site of the school polpino until the meeting on September 2 I'll be waiting for you