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Осторожно, вызывает привыкание! Холодная закуска из баклажанов  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with by you I'm valeria today at us
  • 00:31: a new recipe we will prepare a cold appetizer from eggplants well, what can be better on a hot summer day, we will rinse that it will turn out today at us here such bright set 4 eggplant 5 tomato 2 heads garlic salt 60 milliliters vegetable oil spicy pepper coriander ground half-spoon black Ground pepper and greens I took dill and basil Eggplant cut off the tails we remove this green part
  • 01:03: and start this as a clean such a zebra We need to remove only a part of the skin and remove what we cut and here if the aubergines small enough that it is enough to cut into two parts if large it is possible on 3 Refined eggplants are poured over with salt and We let stand for 10-15 minutes to solder
  • 01:36: terrible to have allocated juice the opportunities we all give to stand tomatoes gently cut from above and send In a cup of tomatoes is better to take and Mrs. and ripe such are already straight good If they have you still such villages and how stores are sold then you need will add a little sugar in the dish
  • 02:08: that this sweet tomato compensate and fill neatly hot 2 we will need to clean leave it literally for a minute as see here after the incision to the crack further went all you can already merge tomatoes are now very light brush literally see It is removed and tomatoes already without a skin cutting out the places they do not need
  • 02:42: hot we cut arbitrarily, properly speaking now size form does not matter because that they will disperse will be sauce on cubes we cut the tomatoes now garlic, I cleaned it less often from we half a pungent pepper I cut Circles along with seeds if you
  • 03:12: love not very sharp seeds clean it is in them all the sharpness of eggplants stood now and them about my from and excess salt and soaked in napkins preheat butter fry eggplant fried send here experience bra garlic here literally so that the garlic began
  • 03:43: give away their flavors [music] add coriander ground this same here literally warm it in oil to he gave all the fragrances it still seconds 10-15 and now we are pouring tomatoes pour out even quickly add somewhere a teaspoon of salt may be slightly less until mix we cover it with a lid
  • 04:16: fire and leave to stew for about twenty greens we chop a nice liquid if somewhere basil will be bigger than anything, he is very beautiful passed 20 minutes our eggplants miraculously pro dry already almost ready to focus on their own Eggplants if they are larger he will have a little longer to put out Now try to take the best sauce to pour
  • 04:46: on a plateful spoon to make it cool and when do you understand if you have enough salt I here for example did not have enough believe me sugar I'll add a little bit literally a half teaspoon of sugar , but because The sauce should be harmonious in it should be and a string is sharpened salt and here is the sweetness of tomatoes not sweet enough because they are not even prevented
  • 05:17: maybe somewhere I'll stick it. non-stick cookware all prevented add a black pepper greens and let's puff literally a couple of minutes and then the most difficult the most difficult thing with complex need first let it cool all this beech at room temperature and then put fridge for 3 hours
  • 05:47: if you have the opportunity to leave on night will try the morning my friends passed the night I honestly confess that I already 1 6 on the ramblade and, as a matter of fact, in pan and that's all that's left very tasty it's just unrealistic delicious and tender aromatically slightly sharply moderately salty easy slastin to such well, cool turned out eggplants and they they are they here they are
  • 06:17: such air once and it was something amazing can make the sauce you can do them at all cut out and here and so and on a piece bread can be added to meat can be generally do something with this garlic stretch it and it's so fragrant and cool and tasty sauce Well, honestly you will soak it with bread because it's unrealistically tasty recommend absolutely summer dish for which you
  • 06:47: will dive into the refrigerator so many times until it ends all my friends went and give a plate because there is already wanting I can not allow that this unrealistically tasty with you was the project another kitchen is sure to share this video in social networks, you are very really help and be sure to put likes and those who have not subscribed to yet our channel subscribe until soon