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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear viewers and subscribers channel mid August for gardeners truck farmers great amount work only for everyone literally here recently video published about the fact that you can still garden sow yummy such please yourself radish salad well but today a friend middle fast great time in order to duplicate hydrangeas multiply them green cuttings although to be honest I'm already came to the point that in principle hydrangea between August hydrangeas are multiplied
  • 00:31: almost all vegetative period But with the beginning of May and now actually before mid-September well, in a word You did not understand need to wait until cuttings hydrangeas grow lighter until they green in principle all the time you can propagate carting I great shrub I'm last time just fell in love it is good to him some kind of access interesting new varieties appear on the market and honestly hard now cuttings and I have a lot it's enough already reproduces from
  • 01:02: green cuttings literally all the cards india and tree paniculate and large-leaf now that's very fashionable large sheet a 10 on magnificent hydrangea petiolar in general all those hydrangeas that somewhere in around you have neighbors of friends in the garden centers in parks, even where it is actually first May for nora late September in principle all this can do now Look small a master class on how to this is done and after I tell you some
  • 01:32: comments some clarifications supplements are more faithful I'll tell you in more detail and I will show some the results of what now I have rooted here see how to choose bottom part of the handle already lignified you see here are lignified part and here the green part is not wait till ligneous completely all sapling here are cuttings will be take root very tricky cut here this green part cut off
  • 02:02: literally below the bottom see the kidney like this cut the bottom leaves above the top leaflet too slice that's what you should remain as a result now very important the moment we take bowl it is poured in our country the land must be be infertile poor land can be used sometimes even better clean sand on we take each shad and a powder for you we dunk into our rootstocks is
  • 02:32: stimulant root formation do not stick it in at an angle of 45 degrees about a couple centimeters if you stick a few pay attention to You should not have leaves touch soil preferably not should touch a friend friend why on them will begin to develop fungal infection after you do this did you need to take atomizer and how should not be sprayed watering namely sprinkle sprinkle so that the soil was wet not
  • 03:02: wet on wet and after that, cover all this cellophane package can glass hood if you have one stand still now most importantly carry out him in a shady place in your garden where the sun is direct in no way case does not fall and here in the shady place of these cuttings need to leave about month for months they must loosen roots temperature is what should be at night about 18 degrees in the afternoon degrees 25 in total normal temperature August of the month
  • 03:32: in a month that is autumn in September somewhere when your shirts already here these are allowed roots you them neatly each individually transplant also in separate ploshechku they remain in your a shady place is not forget them regularly watered on winter is certainly better enter either greenhouse in a cool premises to strong frost and not beat or in the last resort simply bury somewhere in the garden must cover the nagaina because that cuttings young they are certainly banos afraid well, and the next
  • 04:02: in the spring you can increase them either in schoolchildren or disembark permanent place and form in its discretion if you want to get these luxurious spreading bushes then your young seedling in spring, cut into two-thirds leave only a small size and you then go in a strong powerful side branches will be formed really large if you want as the trunk is small leave this one main and only then form it in the form such a small a tree actually and all simple rules like cuttings your hydrangeas well
  • 04:33: now as I promised several such additional very important points well firstly the application such stimulants root formation it improves course root formation honestly say hydrangea green cuttings in principle you can do without them well enough rooted the second moment is me I tell you that need to stick cuttings at an angle of 45 degrees in principle already recently I stick simply perpendicularly again nor at an angle of 45
  • 05:03: degrees in principle does this process better, but I get by as the same name z next moment somehow there's one for it not accented strongly apexes leaves that you leave them you need greatly shortened by at least half Well this is the main principle of propagation i.e. photosynthesis should occur near the leaves are needed break them off altogether it is impossible but they are not must be very large to do not evaporate the moisture well
  • 05:33: again, here I am now I'm in that place where do I root cuttings a wall which is from the south fully shields the sun sprawling plum above me here A constant shadow and perfectly preserved the moisture is magnificent place in order to it is here in a shady wet place root the cuttings you can do this in open ground at I'm here in the open soil something is changing can be in the tank from underground honestly saying you want to
  • 06:04: make more control the process takes root, for example on the north window there you will have it constantly under supervision of fluctuations temperature will be less I last time is particularly valuable varieties just like that rooted well there I cover the package here I have myself I cover with everyones for example some glasses or traditional way this is circumcised plastic bottles works great
  • 06:34: you can open aerate spray by spray gun to so that moisture there constantly was supported a certain very important and well now as I promised actual grief show some things that u have Well, well, this is Kalinin the past in the past August too I cut cutting is hydrangea large leaf called in the grade maria si perfect very beautiful hydrangea photograph equipped look here in the fall rooted
  • 07:05: the past is his year already next year here on these shoots which grew into this year already the first flowers well, well looks all in order with hibernation there are certain complexity is about that how to winter rooted cuttings how to shelter them winter where to place them for the winter about this necessarily remove additional video and be sure to I'll show you one more very interesting hydrangea also large leaf this variety is called
  • 07:35: hyper this spring I'm in May 4 suits to be finely broken off the shank is here rooted in principle, not even worse than in the previous so it may not be it is necessary You can do in autumn spring grow in principle with the same speed is less problems of wintering you will be well in general decide how it is opportunity through but chipotle wash and press and so what do you mean? still here is this still now
  • 08:06: takes root stands under cover this is wonderful a variety called vanilla frays and then paniculate hydrangea with a very beautiful calves society really amazing grade yet one large leaf hydrangea is called forever business which is interesting that it blooms and on this year's shoots in This year, which grown and on shoots last year, that is, that's it prospective varieties which so to speak
  • 08:36: well, relatively recently appeared in us on the market with pleasure root with pay attention to me root and shade with leaves well and insolent so scathed scrap stick cuttings from which only the lower buds were dared that from this will be idea of them should to form roots from under the earth must come out until you grow up there is nothing on top may be from I have tried the land in any case, well, I wanted to show you another like windsurfing at I have this one from here cuttings this petiolar hydrangea Well, well , root
  • 09:07: generally simply because in principle she already has roots here they are airy us with the help of these roots too clings to surface and beyond some climb on walls of houses on supports some just put them well as it spits just put in the ground humidify regular she's great please take root attention than are covered up then pomegranate excellent mulch singular than a scarcity of sparrows very fond of it dig deeper and scatter it all hand but if a seedling of some kind in you
  • 09:37: very young together with this husks of this sprout to pull out of the earth so be so today he talked about how duplicate with green cuttings different types of hydrangeas watch my video subscribe to my channel you always will be aware of all garden novelties and I wish you more such beautiful plants on the site