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Chinese are a good judge! Ideal snack from vegetable marrows in Asian style! Will decorate any feast!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with by you I'm valeri Today we will prepare fast marinated zucchini in Asian style we need two three small zucchini half onion 50 milliliters of wine vinegar
  • 00:30: 1 tablespoon already fried seeds sesame coriander or you can take dill small bundle of pinch of salt and 2 teaspoonfuls spoonfuls of light soy sauce 1 teaspoonful a spoonful of sugar chili peppers we will add it to taste oil 40 milliliters and garlic 2-3 denticles for the beginning as you can slice thinner squash it to them very young so even I will not brush the skin beauty now zucchini need salt and stir and let it stand for minutes
  • 01:03: 15-20 for a marinade a mode a onion half bulbs half rings and garlic thin In fact, even his larger cut if you do not collect you can eat it can be zimin shinkuem not very small now everything combine sugar with soy sauce and vinegar it will still dissolve oil
  • 01:39: Do not worry and send here. pickle onion garlic software is the same 15 minutes all so promarinuetsya filled with apple flavors what kind of nato is already and zucchini already We stood and we already have a marinade squash allocated this much liquid We need to merge it if you allow
  • 02:11: More salt was added to them even rinse so the excess liquid we drain off zucchini very much I understand many people say there's a bunch of something really amazing herb it is so delicious she gives this one asian some kind of fragrance incredible
  • 02:41: so here we are now quickly narezhem chili here is just enough large chunks of grind if you have fresh generally excellent orient on your family you need blog chili malach or not to add at all maybe you are building it, but go string in an Asian salad should and of course we will not forget my favorite sesame
  • 03:16: I already dried it by drying it by the way on dry griddle on low heat not overcook everything well mixed another hour was put in the refrigerator so that all the flavors come together this is this delicious sauce that he soaked courgettes they have a subtle below us here literally glow and in an hour or two can already be served By the way this salad can be made and in advance the longer it lasts
  • 03:46: tastier costs up to three days in the refrigerator but Here's a salad and it turned out he was just bombose sauce here is this marinade sweetly salted slightly ostrenkiy great zucchini themselves freshness give a very nice salad highly recommend try it will be delicious Well, I'm saying goodbye to you it was a project the other cuisine itself was me valeria [music]