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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is another kitchen project and I myself Valery will cook today chicken shish kebabs in puff pastry I'm waiting for fantastic results before by browsing I recommend to go to the Internet shop equipment for you the store has been working successfully already For nine years here you can buy reliable technique for building a house for kitchen for the garden and what is very nice for
  • 00:31: self massage chairs sports supplies ideal juicer and other small great joys technique for you It is working with luxury brands and and demka aska best or cosmic and many in several convenient ways payment and now the technician is in a hurry to your house delivery all over russia link to this trusted store I leave under the video, go study and buy first we will take meat to us need 2 chicken breasts 1 teaspoonful
  • 01:03: spoon of wine or apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon of a mixture of your favorite the seasonings I have here are coriander oregano paprika black pepper and ginger sleep and 2 tablespoons of sour cream we cut the chicken into cubes as a shish kebab only consider what it will be at the skewers so the cubes will be small now prepare marinade vinegar salt and spices are mixed by mistake
  • 01:34: smells already very delicious we send here The meat is stirred and boiled for 30 minutes and from I'll put the items can even be removed in refrigerator for 30 hrs moto we also need half a kilogram puff pastry 1 pepper red 300 grams cheese skull tomatoes and here are such skewers
  • 02:06: I have them pre- two hours you match You can even leave water for the night all the components except the dough will certainly be cut into cubes this way chop the red pepper cheese into cubes but the chilli in half just Paris here such tricks if you have absolutely little ones knock it all baby can probably be left entirely
  • 02:37: Here all the same I will cut on we do not know first a piece of cheese then meat pepper tomato [music] cheese another piece of meat again pepper tomato cheese and so alternate more a piece of meat I will do three
  • 03:12: piece of meat and after each will be to put on pepper a tomato and cheese here are such shish kebabs we get beauty for work with a puff pastry we will grease a surface of a table with vegetative Now take the butter dough, but we have melted and slightly rolled out cut dough for here such here strias but where that
  • 03:45: centimeter inside here so here three with half now can now be taken our kebabs take a piece of dough or something cover and weave in the form of winding the dough as find how the cake tube we had Soviet time and now there is this
  • 04:17: in this way we turn the dough [music] if the dough is not enough we take another slice small and wrap completely grease our shish kebabs in a battered whipped I added a little yolk to the yolk milk and put in the oven preheated to 180-200 degrees, be guided by your oven all bake different bakes will be about 30-40 minutes before the beautiful
  • 04:48: golden color Here are such handsome turned out Now I'm afraid to straight take no ugly it will be necessary to give them a little cool and then you can serve directly or on skewers or at desire shpazhki it will be possible to remove here so easy movement of the hand while hot to do this in general incredibly easy to love this the moment when you try a new dish cut is still very hot and that's it.
  • 05:19: she meat is very tender cheese look it he's still such a man who 's kicking and soft and here there is a piece of pepper there the tomato is all very fragrant and smells incredibly tasty I already want a cup of tea is such a sausage with so, of course, I'll have a shish kebab really smelled like that
  • 05:50: sausage even but all my friends I'm with you say goodbye, and then my hungry family now I already got the congress dish interesting and tasty and original and with you were me valery this is another project kitchen until