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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends you look channel knitting planet you olga bogan today we'll see how close the hinges 1 gum on 1 needle with flat knitting and when knitting in a circle advantage of this fashion is obvious edge turns out beautiful and resilient to shortcomings
  • 00:30: it is possible to attribute the fact that not convenient to close long sections accounts for connect the thread and strand from the tips but for short sections socks and gloves throats this way perfect this way of closing loops suitable for thin and thick yarns with such closing of loops the best thing is combined Italian and tubular set with us have a video on these
  • 01:01: technicians all the necessary links you can find in tips and explanations to this video to work for us need a thread the length of the part in three times 1 2 3 plus 15-20 centimeters for Hold the yarn and sealing of tips start with the case
  • 01:33: when after the edge there is a facial loop retake edge loop on needle and pick up the following facial loop from bottom to top for right wall like this and draw the thread further pick up
  • 02:05: back loop from the bottom up to the right wall the same stretch thread and now we will connect facial and purl loops in pairs in the previous face loop the needle comes in from above down picks up left wall next loop pick up for
  • 02:36: right wall from below up like this and we extend the working a thread also in pairs connect purl loops in previous loop needle enters from above pick up the left the wall of the loop in next needle loop comes from below pick up the right wall and stretch work thread so
  • 03:09: pairwise we continue connect facial from the bottom purl loops from the bottom and finish the series
  • 05:08: let's summarize rules and so the seam is performed in a
  • 05:39: back needle and in each needle loop enters twice first bottom-up then from top to bottom pairwise connect facial loops and purl loops in previous loop insert the needle from above to the next bottom a Let's see option when the next loop after edge purl overturning edge loop on needle and pick up back loop
  • 06:12: bottom-up first the needle enters the loop from bottom to top and we extend the working thread and then like we connect earlier Facial purlins a pair of hinges to combined facial and now connecting purl and on we work the same way as
  • 06:42: in the previous case let's see how
  • 07:25: close the hinges when circular knitting first loop retake to additional spoke or marker The next loop we have purl pick it up from below up for the right wall and stretch loop
  • 07:55: and now we will pairwise facial loops and pay attention to the loop that marker needle in one above the left wall here are the ships
  • 08:28: the next loop as usually from the bottom up right wall further connect pairwise purl loops in the previous from above the following from below
  • 08:58: further facial from above below and so we work to the end of the row at the end series come back let's see how close the series and we we approach the end of the series
  • 09:31: last purl picked up from below now connect facial loop on the marker pick up from below So
  • 10:07: and we have one more left pick up purl loop we she was picked up by one time now from above down pick up 2 and connect it with next purl loop and here is such a beautiful
  • 10:38: the edge we got on this one our video came to an end stay with us subscribe to channel knitting planet you are waiting for a lot more interesting videos before new meetings [music]