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  • 00:00: hello everyone I'm glad welcome you to the movie tv. in this video I want show you how make a kit of necklace and earrings with hollow beads in shift shift technology on color transition us for this would need polymer clay metallic copper and golden color liquid plastic texture sheet of which flexible blade scalpel stack
  • 00:31: ball toothbrush gloss varnish drill needle tool from winter and the choker can be instead of him use the usual wire Well you need to start make a gradient or smooth color transition from two shades polymer clay with metallic effect for I add these
  • 01:03: color clay by diagonals and unroll in one and same direction on fasting machine repeatedly when I reached necessary to me
  • 01:33: smooth transition colors put a layer on pre-processed talc texture sheet and rolling it together with the textural a sheet to the post the car the result is beautiful bed with pronounced deep This texture needs this layer as far as possible more reliable attach with working surface because now you need to take a flexible blade and
  • 02:03: neatly cut everything off protruding parts textures on it the Council does not hurry up very short strokes and very thin sections because of the depth cut will depend on how bright expression is obtained as a result drawing when the entire formation
  • 03:19: blade work separating it from work surface and again I roll on post car to get perfect smooth seams as you can see the picture on remains now that to form beads you will need Cathars from I choose the layer the part I need for large parts I I choose the part color transition so how will they be in the center necklace and so it will be look more interesting
  • 03:51: cut off a small from the reservoir piece which will be placed in the boat and I put a layer on blunt side of which first with your finger then stacked ball I force the layer into depth and catarrh To obtain bulging bead I take last spring
  • 04:42: plastics and I turn the Qatar the same stupid side cut through eye through thanks to the fact that we passing through the blunt side these layers are reliable glued to each other friend or thereafter not separate I take off catarrh carefully the part from work surface and
  • 05:13: I'm sending roast after baking from copper clay and cut off the same which is necessary form for feedback hand I grease with liquid plastic part and attach I smooth my fingers
  • 05:46: edges that they were not sharp Well I attach a toothbrush
  • 06:27: the inverse texture side reverse side details for earrings we draw up the same way only under authority pink underlay eyelet inwards so that you can then
  • 06:58: was to attach bead schwenzy I make two identical
  • 07:47: blanks for earrings a also three large two medium and two small beads for hookah besides basic details needed make small I make my beads I roll by hand small ball and I pierce with a needle need about 50 such small beads after a second
  • 08:18: I bake a third lengths from both sides of beads drilled holes as the workpiece full do it not difficult when the holes done I cover details with a varnish
  • 08:49: I prefer products in technology shift required varnishing since varnish reveals more depth picture and he becomes more vivid expressed it remains to collect necklace for this I I separate the lock from choker and string first half
  • 09:19: beads then the necessary order hollow billets and the remaining beads now you need to reliably
  • 10:16: squeeze back part lock and necklace will be is ready Here's an interesting
  • 10:53: Cola have turned from the pins I shaped loops which he attached studs and got into addition to this necklaces are very bright earrings if this video is for you was not useful forget to put like and subscribe to our channel is all for now