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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, this channel is easy to prepare Today we will cook cutlets which are called bird's milk We will prepare very tasty me conventional batter I phoned my friend says olechka you know what I have recipe for delicious cutlets I did not know such a recipe therefore I share This recipe with you they are obtained Juicy and tasty cutlets are obtained triangular shape in a very unusual tasty batter but we all begin well [music] I need two chicken fillets
  • 00:39: in general , you should have this 500 grams of breadcrumbs and homemade breadcrumbs if the home is not then better to take a couple pieces of white bread and a couple of canteens spoons of milk or can be replaced by water to soak either biscuits or bread that you will have one egg salt pepper you can add some more spices but I do not add 1 large onion and garlic for I'll need 2 eggs and I immediately Here and so in the bowl killed polajnoy spoons of baking powder fatty mayonnaise 3 4
  • 01:10: tablespoons this is 3 4 tablespoons of ordinary flour and greens if you take the world of greenery will be tastes better and dill and parsley 100 grams of soft butter 150 grams of cheese we are on three of it on a grater and 3 or 2 cooked eggs I populate the home crackers here so little milk since I I will use milk rusks I was absorbed if you will just use bread as usual. soak the bread in the milk before
  • 01:42: give cutlets chicken breast cut into and several parts and should be either blender changes the grind of the shift or cut a bow into a meat grinder, too several small parts and send to meat here a couple of cloves of garlic and you can interrupt look at this homogeneous mass you should get it because something these cutlets remind me of cutlets in Kiev and than the homogeneous will be forcemeat
  • 02:12: the better 1 egg bread or crackers that you have prepared if the bread is something well wring it from milk or water than you poured salt that you were delicious to taste and pepper now everything is good mix more comfortable hands turned out this homogeneous minced meat eggs and cheese should be grated on shallow grater
  • 02:42: mix everything with soft oil here we send some salt literally a little bit and pepper greens finely knife fresh greens very tasty smells and more as an option, too, is very tasty, you can not add garlic to the meat itself But here in the filling only on garlic squeezed it will be very delicious
  • 03:12: two eggs that's whipped with a fork add mayonnaise can be used home mayonnaise changing channel is several variants of homemade mayonnaise we connect all the flour together with baking powder and also add here and here again be sure to add a pepper but I will need to add salt I you got the dough you need but I call this dough as
  • 03:43: to establish and if at you it turned out hardly thicker just add one egg whisk mix together with the test everything depends even from flour and from the value of eggs, therefore, frightened if you are slightly thicker just egg add now form cutlets take a small amount of stuffing means I take a little less than a tablespoon of a hand always in cold water like this then it is most convenient to first form form a circle press a little make a small loaf we take a small
  • 04:15: fill amount approx. do it like this now so wrap it up all this is how we dumplings are usually wrap the stuffing inward mince from above, so once again we dip our hands cold water and now ready Cutlet so seal when the hands in water is better distributed minced now that I make my hands must be in the water
  • 04:45: wet do from cutlets triangle should be like this now we form all the cutlets in this way [music] include a frying pan pour oil then put the fire below the average
  • 05:16: we need them to slowly fry so they do not burn on top and inside were baked to form cutlets I dress Gloves so it is most convenient to take a little The batter is like this around and immediately on the frying pan once again I will not repeat do great for the best if you do such cutlets and claret such first time fry first one look first how old are you need for such cutlets and
  • 05:46: and you will see more batter less batter more fire less fire see see she barely me I'll wait until I quit somewhere about two minutes and turn over to another and so on each side in general need so that the top burned into that sibur high temperature the whole top will burn like pallets in general an instant man and so all the best length but everything will be fried here the most the main idea is to roast the meat It is not very thick here, especially
  • 06:16: it's a brisket so on both sides they have I was already fried here, see you see how beautiful still need to be turned over to the ends and so that from the ends, too, look what cutlets turned out very they look very pretty taste and juicy I cut here look how inside looks look what beauty look how much juice here is she straight juicy and juicy. gentle on top he juicy does not let me pull out all inside but very bombed
  • 06:48: cutlets look what cutlets in the result turned out very much look tastily smell deliciously long remain succulent so soft and do not tidy them up refrigerator if you are going to tug them all day but we'll try everything here so that's right you press and here's the oil straight from them is thought to be flowing it is delicious klar does not let the fillings flow out is good then I fried them dinner went for 8 minutes, I had time to take a picture
  • 07:18: they are already so warm they can keep in hand and succulent they are all but continue to be succulent delicious look at this means there is a lot of stuffing and if even you have stuffing somewhere between the meat passes and without a batter, it would flow out and as he is very soft like this he as you know how an egg envelops the whole cutlet does not let the fillings flow out we very super do not know why they
  • 07:50: called bird's milk but they really are gentle can you what's here eggs well, in general, like that cutlets bird's milk is very tasty I recommend everyone to try it all. write what you think about it suddenly someone at all to cook such cutlets that I one such did not know Such a recipe may be different then wait for your photos waiting for your comments but thanks to all today Were ready to cook with me make sure you subscribe to the channel click on the bell to avoid skip the following videos till