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  • 00:01: Hello this is a project with another kitchen I hurt you today offer prepare a delicious lemon custard cream we need 4 lemon 4 eggs 200 grams of sugar and 60 grams of butter to start neatly remove the zest with two lemons try not to cling to the white part because she sticks Now all four lemons
  • 00:30: otozhmom juice, mix sugar zest lesson mix well if caught here such small bones do not worry, we yet all this will percolate 4 eggs stir well we do not need press down that was a lot of foam old Protein place he pulled his thread lightly
  • 01:03: mix the beaten eggs with sugar lemon mixture and preventing giving and stand for 20 minutes all the flavors of lemon concentrated in this solution for standing smiling mixture visit we filter pour a saucepan
  • 01:31: add butter and cook go We cook our cream constantly over medium heat stirring as you can see he is already beginning to thicken Now we need to just before the first Burkov him to speak and see all vzya a sunny krasivuschy cream get some delicious fragrant you You can not even imagine pour it into By the way, you can keep a jar I read
  • 02:02: that up to two weeks, but I think unlikely, if so we can continue to be cover with foil is here and so to he touches the film surface easily itself forms plenochku ugly will give it to cool down on a table and then went to bed to friends Cream get the magic with such a good sour flavored or lemon Lemon's incredibly tasty and weight
  • 02:30: we did not have sugar, I have a little bit More info but I'm a terrible sweet tooth you are targeting in itself such cream you can fill the baskets on Paul He looks like it holds its shape well certainly not quite such a straight thick but thick enough, you can submit a pancakes or toast spread with morning during Breakfast time it will be but incredibly I think all my friends highly recommend cool happened we custard lemon cream try to cook with us ahead still a lot of delicious recipes and themselves
  • 03:00: I was all good until Valeria