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  • 00:00: Good day respected viewers by request one of I decided to subscribe make a video about it as magical by means of money is most likely on monetary magic on channel in the future there will be several videos with different technicians today I want to talk about most effective and fast way attracting money for the magic square ford Henry Ford was one of the most famous and successful of entrepreneurs of the twentieth century, he began his career
  • 00:30: ordinary auto mechanic and already over time opened his own factories throughout america of course he laid out complete and maximally gave his business but on his way there were many difficulties in the person competitors who had a monopoly on market of mechanical engineering how is the usual of the mechanics could build your way to huge money can it was not without reason business without magic is quite perhaps to our days reached a
  • 01:00: entertaining magic square which according to legend Henry was used to achieve this wealth the square ford found in works of Pythagoras in square one the column represented past second real from the river the future as possible notice the numbers in it increases from past to the future in each row and the sum of the digits in each column is sixes if folded 1 2 and 3 will be 6 if you add 4 5 6 you get 15 but the amount
  • 01:31: numbers in the number 15 also is 6 1 plus 5 if add 7 8 9 it turns out 24 and the sum of the digits 24 is 6 2 + 4 using this square ford noticed that he is capable of a short time bring a lot of money or rather give opportunity for their earnings because the magic works differently many people think she will not throw you off bag of money with heaven but will give
  • 02:01: the possibility of their to earn i tried the data square and tell you what is it really helps to earn money in a short term so after his use my telephone and electronic mail for weeks began burst from calls and letters about proposals cooperation customer references and calls of debtors which unexpectedly decided to return borrowed money so that if you have financial difficulties I advise you to use this square activate it
  • 02:31: it is very easy draw this square on any a bill that you do not sorry for example on paper ten and say it over it plots for example this you will help to earn not 10000 rubles one week before will be so necessary indicate the exact amount of money and term in which you want to get them otherwise the ritual is not will then work put a bill in it where you usually carry money in the wallet bag or pocket and wait for an offer on
  • 03:01: work customer references or simply repayment of money debtors you be surprised strong people after that ritual will want give you money also in the ford square can draw siegel y on attraction of money for example, not Your name is all letters in name must be translated in numbers using the following table consider this on example of the name olga the letter in the name of olga equals sixes
  • 03:31: letter l s in this trio this table no accordingly we do not use as not would use and all Other signs that no tables the letter r also equals three and letter and this is one rca on based on this we construct our sat on six as it the beginning of our sigel and we we will put not big round rods then draw a line to the triple as three is used for
  • 04:01: us twice we we will do on it 2 curl more draw a line to the day arches and since it is the end of our sigel and we put here small line our sigela is ready further given sigel can be transferred to any mascot which will raise money try this the magic square he really will help you with finances with a search work with business
  • 04:31: if you have interesting questions to me then you can ask in the comments or write me a mail by reference in description maybe i also I will make a video response on your question if you like this video then put it and subscribe to the channel to the fast meetings