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  • 00:00: [music] Firstly, I generally want to ask everyone let's not speculate and confront our social groups population foreheads when we are told that the military pensioners twice as much as civilian pensioners welcome viewers its own channel subscribers military pensioner I completely agree with Alexander Nikolayevich I just take off such reviews Well, brother of speech and come such comments of the guys and that you each Still it is necessary that they fought for it and ran into
  • 00:31: such comments come and go civilian retiree Renato fully retired people write comments that how happy would that military pensioners have two fewer loops than civilians Once again I repeat that in 2002, on pension I was 1350 rubles from mother-in-law there were 900 rubles of pension now at mother-in-law and 20 about 20,000 peppers and I have 13000 12500 here are these comments completely completely agree and most importantly
  • 01:07: from the government it is nothing to do just talking to us as if in my I see the channel as if people are happy happy that the military retired song in twice the sword and admiration it causes but they get a much bigger pension than a military pensioner still says here these decreasing coefficients are all invented these two percent fascinating that increase is increased 2 percent each year it's all freezed thanks for Attention subscribe to my channel
  • 01:37: stalet husky in that and the problem of what says ldpr the only minus of course military pensions in that not all danes survive Because those conditions in which fulfill their duty people who wear the form of course they die get and how I was told to the young lieutenant my commander father remember the son fate of people form decide people in jackets
  • 02:07: so let us now respected deputies look carefully at those papers that we are with you more vote read pause to 1 January 2019, Part 2 of the Article 43 of the law of the Russian Federation of 12 February 93 on the provision of pensions for persons military service in the organs Interior state fire fighting authorities control over drug trafficking means and psychotropic substances
  • 02:37: the institutions of the penitentiary system of troops national guard of Russia federation and their families so it 's not just the military The pensioner is the first time on which I wanted to draw attention to the second very an important moment means the action of a part of this article is suspended from January 1, 15 Dear colleagues up to 1 January 16 then it is suspended from 1 January 16 up to 1 game 17 then from 1 January 17 to 18 and now
  • 03:07: us again of the Russian Government the federation offers in essence prolong the suspension of this provisions of the law of a normal law goes we are talking about the following respected colleagues are talking about the presidential decree Russian Federation on May 7, 2012 number 604 on further improvement of the military service in the Russian Federation further improvement of the service in
  • 03:37: The Russian Federation decides the first government of the Russian Federation ensure that I read item d annual increase in pensions to citizens dismissed from military service not less than 2 percent above the level of inflation here on the basis of the decree of the President of Russia and this rule was adopted from the federal law which then the fifth consecutive year Freeze if someone else in this room still has
  • 04:09: once try to reproach the opposition for populism I then do not know what kind of norm is that It is accepted and then every year therefore, the speech is respected colleagues is not an indexation of pensions and we are talking about the fact that we are with you offer once again 5 times in a row freeze the rule of law that was was adopted on the basis of the presidential decree Russian Federation that's what we talked about today today . I want my colleagues to pay attention read to you the text of the Defense Committee
  • 04:40: The Defense Committee draws attention to the the fact that the bill does not takes into account the requirements of paragraph 1 of paragraph 1 presidential decree which has already read out draft federal law on the federal budget for the eighteenth year and planning period 19 20 years level inflation for 2017 is provided for in the amount of 32 percent to follow for compliance with the requirements of paragraph 1 of paragraph 1 presidential decree is necessary to make an indexation of 3 j3 and two percent necessary bringing the pension to 5 and 2 tenths
  • 05:11: percent I specifically asked a question his colleague voiced his position on which the amount we are supposed to raise index the pension well and the most interesting dear colleagues when we government of the Russian Federation says that in the budget of our country there is no money when someone manages compare the pension of military retirees civil yesterday include news of benefits I look carefully to you the words of the mayor of the city moscow together council of veterans of moscow
  • 05:43: I am taking the initiative to raise minimum Moscow pensions for 3000 rubles per month 14 500 to 17 500 nobody here wants from the government compare retirement pension of moscow to sing all military retirees at a distant east in the Ryazan region Tula, Vladimir's Ivanovo and other areas here is a colleague with a faction correctly told you events the Caribbean crisis by the way this operation which is called a hangar you know that the participants of this operation are so
  • 06:13: and are not included in the list in the list military excuse veterans of the fighting they never did receive that greatest payment which we are paid by the state 2600 rubles per month receive military retirees need to in fish teachers doctors received such pensions are needed to 17500 had an average loops and minimal throughout the Russian Federation we speak about the unity of the nation, we will soon celebrate holiday national unity day so let's do it so that we people were not divided into two varieties of elite
  • 06:43: who live in Moscow all the rest Russian Federation And then someone tells us what receive retirement pension 13 s half and about the military pensioner still contrives to recall those military series now they die before retirement their children will live without parents well and the conclusion of the colleague all in Next year the program's novelization social support of Muscovites with the Moscow budget is four hundred thirty billion rubles you know you companies that registered in the whole of russia including
  • 07:13: in the Ryazan region and not registered in Moscow they work in other regions but in Moscow pay taxes of course you can raise pensions this is good, but we want to not be deprived other social categories of citizens and especially the military retired army then everything what is in our country today effectively never after 17 years the army did not attach its people to its people his president in no uprisings of our officer never took part never out on the railroad did not beat helmets did their duty honestly you than go to him to repay for what
  • 07:44: not so fulfilled the water to retire at 55 years old year in a row it they basically throw things We are invited to participate in this thanks for viewing put like subscribe to our channel