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This masterpiece! And on taste - just the fairy tale! Turkish BYoREK pie  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone this is another kitchen project with by you I'm valeri Today we will prepare a Turkish burek this is such a puff cake for me this
  • 00:31: recipe is a new one that turns out smoking and for the test we need 560 gram of flour 320 liters of water 1 teaspoonful spoon of salt 1 teaspoon of sugar 3 a teaspoon of vegetable oil and 150 a gram of butter send sugar to salt flour mix everything to distribute evenly make a small groove pour olive oil on me so
  • 01:02: beautiful add water and knead the dough it turns out slightly softer than on dumplings but it's enough to take everything cool him in a cup cover and let stand for 30 minutes and for we will take the cottage cheese five percent half kilo of frozen packaging spinach I have 400 grams of cheese 150 grams 3 denticles garlic one onion
  • 01:32: one small spicy green pepper vegetable and butter by 1 a tablespoon for the beginning we refine garlic could now very young very easily cuts quickly garlic chopped neatly with long side and immediately cut the onions add small amount of vegetable oil a piece of butter and fry
  • 02:02: first garlic here is just a little bit that he gave all the flavors but in no case itself is not fried because fried garlic will be bitter over modernism did not have time still melt we add a ray and even its fried hot green pepper on vicar small cube vary sharpness because he loves your family if Your family does not like it very much
  • 02:34: Limit only the tip and here closer to the seeds much sharper than the pepper and If you add another part in seeds the ray is not completely fried yet send here pepper let him too Prepare and give away all your flavors but also mix well well, that's already a ray almost ready to dip the spinach there the spinach is melting almost all over it's time to substitute if you
  • 03:06: take the frying pan there will be practically no liquid it will evaporate very quickly Well, the extra liquid completely evaporated but the spinach is still very juicy send it cottage cheese, he, I also do not dry and mix everything well warm up literally a couple of minutes oh what a beautiful color see what classroom warm up a couple of minutes and let's cool it
  • 03:37: be sure to try on salt and consider if you have cheese salted my still who is we will add the filling of the toffee filling in this should be slightly smaller if the cheese is recognized, then add courageously here a good pinch of salt dough what a wonderful warm turned divide dough for 8 10 pieces we form such balls here and now with each ball I have 10 equal parts turned slightly uphill ingot
  • 04:09: butter every ball of this so they have us yet not a covenant or so here is every ball flattening a small cake half Lentils are abundantly lubricated with creamy oil a gram of 30 for each greased well the oil is not soft and the top is covered with 2
  • 04:39: patty and here and so the lid tucks 0 and this is what we will get so far we cover the food lozenges film and let lie for 10-15 minutes now we need each piece very thinly stretch the dough from us a double and already layered neatly pull the dough stretches very it's nice to look very pliable look
  • 05:10: how thin and lay out the filling except for the world of neenko slightly press down do not reach the brim, then let mine we 'll do the best on several layers we will fly away ours and sprinkle it on top. cheese roll the dough with a roll
  • 05:43: neatly turn off our will be here in such snail and transfer the form in the same way we proceed with all the rest of the test We will also need an egg for lubrication and Competition and everything is lightly whipped and abundantly well we grease all our cake
  • 06:15: sesame and bake at 200 degrees 40 45 minutes our cake was baked from hot, hear what crust crunches I'm very interested in what's inside very difficult to cut crust is crispy and very brittle and I cut off a piece as usual
  • 06:45: generous I will cut off all the same less as all crunches and smells very tasty but here is our beauty is not impatient already try to see which layers The test is the same puff as in
  • 07:17: outside and she shares stuffing is literally tonyusenky tonyusenkoy stenochkoy is very cool I turned out so that's such pies yet do not bake try our shed extends see what a cool cheese mocap of course you need to take one that will stretch here is such an oriental burek we got a very tasty dough so subtle that it is almost not Feels when you eat a lot of stuffing
  • 07:47: it is juicy and soft interesting and very I recommend that you try cook and your family for sure Eastern sweets will appreciate this well and with you were me, valeria in front of many many tasty yet