The Gipsy cooks meat with potato and mayonnaise in an oven. Potatoes with meat, easily! Gipsy cuisine.

The Gipsy cooks meat with potato and mayonnaise in an oven. Potatoes with meat, easily! Gipsy cuisine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] in the time of day everyone is hello they appreciate meat and potatoes in the oven mayonnaise mayonnaise me home and for this I need I took in the meat the usual chicken chicken legs are such four pieces of ham the back bone and 4 from the wings of me all the wings will not be cut by a couple cut the potatoes in half by the number of more than one kilogram one bundle one
  • 00:30: carrot salt spices garlic tricks three four two spoons tea salt and black ground pepper if desired red sweet pepper teaspoon mayonnaise home in mayonnaise composition of such a glass vegetable oil single egg salt mustard sugar and vinegar all the more nothing excess home mayonnaise somehow cook I take off the video so we cut the meat in half our crust is so here in two parts We will not crush you, but you'll see for yourself. You can also wish for can navi one take a cut of pork
  • 01:00: we will not cut wings carrot slice slices like this cut garlic, too, slices cut can grate on the grater can cut straws as someone who does not like it the main meat is potatoes and vegetables cut send to the meat turntable also cut layers of about half a centimeter thick Here and so . I think you do not need a thicker You do not need half a centimeter enough dorezayu
  • 01:32: potatoes all send meat to meat cut the ray with squares can you half-rings in general grind at will someone I like cut it in half rings so you can 2 bulbs can take one I took one here so we cut the ray send to the meat of potatoes and carrots send mayonnaise - be sure to video
  • 02:02: Well, I 'll show you now or silicone scapula or potato take this and so choose our do not leave a small plate add a teaspoon I about tea spoon I will pour the sweet red pepper paprika Public reproach shall pepper initial pepper and at the end of cooking pepper it for it to be such a fragrance that meat with pepper stewed now all this hands mix with hands
  • 02:33: can you spoon can spoon me how you see Here, all this mixed up prepared here so we close now foil and send the oven oven I'm warming up already the oven is good so the actor does the edge close with foil so close to the edge here Zavar bother saying here and so we press tightly we do such a canvas cover we close it only toronto same
  • 03:03: also here so we press all closed now take the knife closed be sure and go through the same it hole from 2 and 3 holes like this small once in a while that's all it is enough to pass the steam coming out tail now we send the oven for 50 minutes passed 50 minutes dastali tray or oven perfume stone 180 degrees warmed up like you see everything
  • 03:33: prepared and the meat is ready and juicy the potato was ready now beautiful color we'll send it all again oven back to the warmed us heated enough for 10 minutes 10 minutes here's how you see we are enough added yourself a beautiful bright color here this dish turned out now again pepper will give such a fragrance fresh and greens add winter slightly tents change the children have already warned you you can add greens to your taste shadow pepper black ground laurel
  • 04:04: leaflets at will e-class them all my dish is ready as you can see I'll leave the recipe under the video in description And under the video in the description we have ssylochka on our family channel come subscribe and another Sunday, March 4 on Sunday we will have 1800 we will leave straight kirkuk you and the wishes of good Welcome March 4, 1800 welcome on the air thank you very much for the comments for husky and because of the wishes and subscribe
  • 04:36: per channel [music]