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  • 00:00: hello to all of you anton and we continue kukharev and today we will continue the series Vidos for those who are preparing for the summer and wants to lose weight and will prepare a salad which will help burn excess fat itself this salad without your participation Burn fat will not be in it just a lot protein and a minimum of carbohydrates so it perfect for an evening for slimming you certainly need to adhere to The diet in which carbohydrates will be eat in the morning at
  • 00:31: basically well, and in the second half in mostly there will be protein and of course physical activity especially cardio will be very much to the point and so for this prescription as a protein component we will use canned tuna in its own juice necessarily in its own juice not in oil because the oil will be very calorie canned tuna in own juice is an excellent source of protein when losing weight but in the comments to me often write that it has a lot of salt friends judging by the composition of such a jar only 2 grams of salt
  • 01:02: most of which we merge with marinade therefore if not add dish salt separately and use only tuna is the amount of salt absolutely not scary further we take 1 grapefruit citrus very good disperses metabolism and in principle very good product for slimming 1 cucumber I'll take a half of a long cucumber half a red bulb and leaves fresh green salad
  • 01:32: go first thing we need open the jar of tuna and drain the excess marinade shift tuna salad bowl I take that is not so big pieces and now it needs a little half a long cucumber I will cut a cube for this cut the ass cut it into 4 parts and shink
  • 02:03: [music] cucumber sent salad bowl and more We need to peel the onion and cut half cut the onions in half peel off the peel cut the bulb in half and
  • 02:39: cut into half rings [music] onion salad leaves and now it time to do the first thing you need is grapefruit. cut in half and now for convenience pull out slices need to walk knife next to each film
  • 03:10: grapefruit it may seem that this is quite a deal dreary but that's how we get rid of bitterness now grapefruit slices pretty it will be easy to get an ordinary tea spoon we send them immediately salad [music]
  • 03:41: Well, of course, all the juice that we have remained in the flu itself We, too, squeeze out the salad this and will our dressing The same is done with the second half [music] Lettuce leaves I washed not the whole pack of
  • 04:19: about half and tear them with just my hands Well, in fact, all we have left make it a good stir salad [music] evening salad is ready and what I like most of all here is what it looks like just gorgeous green leaves red onion and red grapefruit on the contrast it is very elegant and elegant By the way today they will just come to me
  • 04:52: guests and I will leave this salad on festive table but beforehand I still have its trying not to do it as before, directly from the common plate therefore put on a plate [music] By the way I almost forgot all this bowl lettuce we will have about 30 grams of protein and the minimum amount fats and carbohydrates probably two grams of tuna and one carbohydrate gram 5 on the strength of it 's time to try
  • 05:23: tuna in general is very cool with citrus and grapefruit are not exception is very valid and the combination of a in addition with cucumber from onion in general most in the end what we have plus and a salad is prepared quickly does not need anything fry or cook all ingredients can keep the refrigerator fairly long time and here a lot of protein minimum fat and the minimum of carbohydrates is finite for many a big disadvantage may be
  • 05:54: But we do not use canned food. we will have such a salad every day so I think once a week bank preservative utca in its juice nothing will be wrong and you are friends subscribe to the channel do not forget bet this movie like and see you in the new vidos until [music]