How to sew a rolled curtain it is easy and cheap

How to sew a rolled curtain it is easy and cheap  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear subscribers and guests of the channel shine want to share with idea of how to simply and cheaply sew roll blind no I'm not going to buy a special hoist we will manage what is available and we design our control system such curtains will cost less than curtains or curtains because the fabrics it will take more than twice less They also facilitate access to the windowsill with indoor plants and in the winter period and to the batteries where possible
  • 00:30: to warm up or dry the laundry roller blinds are usually fastened to the window frame but in winter it seems to me inappropriate if the windows are plastic on the glass often condensate is collected the fabric will get wet and become moldy so I'll hang the curtains from the outside window tissue in this case should be wider than the window opening and overlap slopes so on both sides of the opening add 5-10 centimeters looking as far as the window sill
  • 01:02: The length of the fabric is this height from the ledge give window sill plus bends on the cornice Weighting plate and allowances for seams but about everything in order in the role of lifting I use two cords at the bottom which I attach brushes for convenience beauty and weighting who are interested in I have a video on the channel where I am I show how to make such brushes under video I will throw a link these ponytails to me not
  • 01:32: I need them shortened and hide introduce hook under the thread and pull in the tails Inside the brush take the needle with enough wide eyelid to stretch into it cord on the end that the wound is attached to the nodule and gloss the rope from bottom to top through the top of the brush and fix the thread and the top cord can be take decorative thickness
  • 02:04: approximately 2-3 millimeters under the color curtains and or my wall maybe too thin strong break it i could not color white in tone walls once at hand was such a buy specifically decorative ceiling does not see need length should be about half as large The height of the window now as to the fabric You can take any that suits you by color and density but avoid drawing the main thing is that she
  • 02:36: It was easily wound on the cornice and needed to protect you from solar rays or foreign gaze I took one of the shelves below the curtain which hung on the window before that the width is just one and a half meters that corresponds to the width of my window opening, that is, from one curtain to one window you can sew two roller blinds for two windows because the fabric I have curtains then you do not need to sew the sides
  • 03:06: The edges are already decorated but if you take The usual cut of fabric can need to make a bend in the wrong side and flash it then when cutting to add width curtains allowances for seams up the canvas it is necessary to fix on the cornice for this we make the kuliska steal bend on the wrong side by one centimeter And then once again we bend already on width tube cornice and stitch along the edge This width should be calculated as follows: so that the tube snugly seated in the kulisks
  • 03:37: and the fabric did not rotate think of another way of fixing for example, a few through holes and sew through them a fabric or use Velcro from below the curtains also make a pocket for a weighting knitter its width should be slightly more width of the bar so that it is free I got a pipe in my pocket from old eaves at both ends drilled through holes in order to
  • 04:07: fasten the cord and pass the work stern [music] that's how it looks wind the cloth on the tube as weighting agent Nay straps I took a window pylak its length should
  • 04:39: be one to two centimeters shorter width of the curtains we place it in the lower pocket [music] now pass cords to the extreme holes of the cornice and fix the knot [music] hide it in the middle of the pipe and reel it up on the pipe on one side we put on the cord
  • 05:11: on the cornice of the plug to prevent winding flew into the walls above the window on both sides we screwed the fasteners such are sold in the markets and consist of two dock which are connected by bolts we put the tube and close it with 2 arcs screwed but not completely the pipe should freely scroll the cord with one side where it is screwed a little rewind so that it can be
  • 05:42: get it for him the curtain falls On the other hand, the cord is wound around but in the opposite direction the brush the part rises here as we omit a brush on our side To raise the curtain we pass to another side and pulling the brush already there that is unwound and the first brush rises here in such a simple and cheap mechanism I hope that this idea is useful to someone
  • 06:14: maybe you have your own ideas then share them in the comments if I liked to put it and subscribe to the channel will make up together, thanks for attention and all bye