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Dip the Lemon into Baking Soda — the Result Will surprise you!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] lemon dip baking soda and the result will surprise you you know about lemons is that their You need to eat during colds but do them nothing more to say What about his facts that lemon is a berry lemon trees grow up to 6 meters and very fruitful with They collect the fruits of year-round 12 months one tree is capable of to over 270 kilos of lemons and do you know that there is a lemon
  • 00:30: Shark yes yes it was called It is in honor citrus due yellowish color you enough already intrigued by these sour cuties then yes, see our video before the end of you You learn a few amusing very unusual facts about lemons nezabudte put Like if you do not We heard about some of the them before but right now let not talk about lemons separately their combination with not take a cunning example half a lemon someone baking soda and this recipe is called
  • 01:00: a lot of discussion and contradictory opinions cause debate was the statement that such Union effective fight against cancer it is true that lemon baking soda has antioxidant action and alkaline but many properties specialists doubt that combination of these products can or treat cancer prevent it appearance in the same the study showed that lemon juice really very effective against cancerous cells, he decreases oxidative stress throughout the body than reduces the risk of cancer in
  • 01:30: turn food Soda is known for its capacity regulate ph This means that it It prevents the formation of acids that collected in the body is one of the main causes of cancer to the same baking soda cleans body of toxins protects against radiation exposure and oxidising damage, we often catches advertising fangled medicines their popularity first increases as the snowball and then melt without a trace regards and lemon soda this recipe remains
  • 02:01: demand has many decades why do people obstinately enjoys such simple means to health promotion This combination can help in the process there are many weight loss evidence that drink improves endurance and adds energy during training as its application It speeds up metabolism Consequently It burns more calories lemon soda and have cleansing effect especially It refers to lemon due to its diuretic properties it stimulates body concludes excess of salt water
  • 02:31: toxins and fats drink very It helps the kidneys reducing stress and This pressure is body experiences everyday This mixture also for dental uses health it will not work on part bleach abrasive properties may damage the enamel but it can help to remove teeth stains and reduce the level acidity in the mouth lemon combined with baking soda improves digestion mixture works as perfect on Tacitus reducing flatulence cramps and heartburn other symptoms
  • 03:01: indigestion drink prevents inflammatory bowel disease normalizing its work and strengthening the immune all system the body the combination of soda and lemon protects influence on the organism free radicals the result is very good for your skin slows down aging process returns healthy and radiant reduced view appearance of the velocity wrinkles and drink It helps improve Heart researchers work found that if drinking water with soda and
  • 03:31: Lemon is possible regulate bad cholesterol the body more increase the level good cholesterol and it will reduce the of the danger atherosclerosis such way diminishes risk of heart attack and stroke citric soda water It strengthens the immune system capacity the drink increase the alkaline balance of the body It helps regulate acidity citric mixture baking soda also It serves as a zero Alkalaj improving kidneys
  • 04:01: If these authorities do not cope with removal of harmful acid excreted drink will help restore balance if you start the morning with cup lemon soda can cleanse the liver and saturate the body a mass of useful substances such as vitamin c, and various antioxidants how cook this magic potion There is nothing easier Take 1 cup of mineral water add 1 teaspoon spoon of baking soda remove half lemon and squeeze the juice
  • 04:31: glass for better effect drink mixture in the morning on an empty stomach but be careful drink has very powerful alkalify than action so it may take Only two weeks then a row need to do fortnightly break at excessive use can develop alkalosis also means contraindicated people sick gastritis you impressed effects this simple then drug press and look like then we'll show you how else can to use lemons
  • 05:01: lemon with olive oil this drink very good for cleanse the body it focuses its the effects of gall bladder and liver result It occurs within two or three days best to take the mixture in the morning in those the days when there opportunity to be House close to the bathroom room for cooking Mix 200 grams fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon olive oil it's desirable extra class then add 230 grams water and place
  • 05:31: the mixture in the blender ready to drink need drink immediately otherwise it will start fall into constituents of taking drugs twice a day, morning and night and try not to eat nothing solid in During the day, completion cleaning cycle do not eat anything except raw vegetables and fruit for another one day a lemon sea ​​salt glass of water lemon juice and sea salt can be an excellent start to your morning some well-known athletes are It is this drink
  • 06:02: it is not surprising because he It strengthens the immune system improves digestion and fights with inflammation variety minerals and vitamin c contained in sea salt improves raise health tone energized and even increase sexual desire is only a few options as can be used lemon and medical purposes but this yellow there is another miracle application to everything in the house shone mix a little bit of baking soda the same and soap in a proportion to a paste Apply the paste on
  • 06:33: lemon half use this homemade sponge cleaning bath sinks and washbasins We promise you results please Shoe Shine Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons olive oil apply the mixture to a piece of dry cloth and Wipe your leather Wait a couple of shoes minutes, then dry shoes or cloth another piece of cloth This same method suitable for polishing wood furniture
  • 07:03: funds from flies to get rid of pesky flies you We need two things lemon and dried carnation Flies hate the smell cloves and do not like fly up close to lemons so this combination of actions very effectively Cut the lemon into Plug in two parts each about 10 sprigs of cloves Put slices on plate and put its in the middle of the room and or there where you you need to fly no more bother you And now as we promised a few more
  • 07:33: fascinating facts about if lemons sprinkle some fruits lemon juice they will not darken past lemons were so rare that kings sent their each friend as a gift at the dawn of the 20th century the name lemon lemon on English was very popular and They gave both boys and girls most large lemon weighed five kilograms 275 grams He was thwarted in 2003 year, and you know how something useful lemons application
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