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  • 00:00: Hello my dear friends, I am preparing today very tasty chocolate wreaths. In 140 ml of warm water we add 8 g of dry yeast, one dining room a spoonful of sugar and mix well. Cover with a food film and leave for 10 minutes to activated yeast.
  • 00:31: In 300 g of sifted flour, we add yeast activated, 4 tablespoons vegetable oil and a pinch of salt, everything stir well and knead the soft dough. This is how it should turn out.
  • 01:07: Cover with a food film and leave for one hour that the dough is suitable. Pour the table lightly with flour and spread the dough out in a thin, rectangular layer, the thickness of the test can choose according to your taste. We take a jar of nutella 180 g and well missed throughout the test. wrap the edges to the center and cut them
  • 01:37: in half. We cover the trays with parchment paper and our rolls shift and make of them small rings. Using scissors cut into small pieces of thickness
  • 02:11: Select the petals yourself and move them apart Our sides are petals. We take one yolk, mix it well and smear it each wreath. We send it to a preheated oven to 170 degrees lower level and bake 20 minutes, ready to take the wreaths and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Here they are, they are obtained internally, they are obtained
  • 02:42: very tasty, delicate, airy, so try it, cook it. Also put your fingers up, subscribe to my channel, and you I Wish you a pleasant appetite and cook with pleasure! In the next video do not miss, I will have a contest!