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Jewelry from a wire: pendent and earrings the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good afternoon me call the belief of Mazepin and in today's video master class we talk to you about this kind of fittings as a wire from of this type fittings can be make the most different blanks and basis for future decorations and today I I'll show you a few options for work we need flexible wire video tools
  • 00:30: round pliers and side cutters and felt-tip pen first we tat with you bead for the future mobile earrings and so on measure small a piece of wire The first thing we do we draw up from the edge wire round pliers loop turn down wire edge wire for 90 degrees and we wrap up with pussies round pliers wire back to foundation and you get a loop
  • 01:00: we string now on wire bead and we move to the loops further holding one with a hand eyelet with the bead we begin bead winding bend the wire on 90 degrees we turn we take bead in a convenient position and start wind a bead around her circle 1 1 2 1
  • 01:31: try hard hold a bead so that there are no voids and wire and we wind several time came to the eye now turn wire side loops and wrap up loop a few
  • 02:01: once we bite off too much wire edge side-cutters sharp edge of wire we will put a little pressure on pliers and the first earrings are ready
  • 02:31: we will formulate this way another bead and combining our loops with loops schwenzy we get ready decorations in earrings second option use of this wire it making connector and so on take in hand small section wire now make a small loop throwing wire on friend further take in hands are round-nosed and
  • 03:04: make out around the edges wire loops with one side and other just insert wire in a vice round pliers and wrap it back to the post it turns out this here's the connector to use him you can do the same for at one's discretion it can be bracelet element for cervical ornaments
  • 03:35: or also for earrings just connect end loops with billets of beads and the upper part the connector is connected to loop of the schwenze get ready 7 and 3 option use of such wire this is manufacturing various coulombs and hangers measure from the total wire hamper small section and add it in half we take in hands round-nosed we pass them through
  • 04:05: the loop of our blanks and form from wire small bend wrapping discs wire to its business base small loop we correct the wire in her hands so that she friend friend and turn Wire on itself it turns out this
  • 04:36: here's the tail retreat from the bottom up a little distance and bend wire back down bend and translation edge on the opposite aside form by hand small circle and shape
  • 05:06: the key gradually made a deflection in the form loops now will hold edge of the wire through main column and delay our we correct the workpiece in progress wire with hands our two wires and two lines cheat to each other straightened edges
  • 05:47: wire we got for the main column and turning over the workpiece cut with side cutters excess wire edges bitten to not was sharp wire can be to rub a little wire edges sandpaper or press them pliers turn our
  • 06:19: the workpiece is such Here is the suspension or pendant for your future decorations ready to join our chain preparation or boomco result for the third option work with this kind of accessories to me will need felt-tip pen they gave me any youth word which is often occurs in fabricating adornments I will write it first on paper I do not tear off at the same time
  • 06:55: pencil and then all what do i need it's patterned bend our wire as in previous cases first at the end wire we form round pliers eyelet loop need this way how we will be for them strengthen our basis
  • 07:25: made a loop well and further all is enough just apply wire to our felt-tip pen and begin to circle the right word correcting in this case necessary plots fingers wire pretty flexible supple but with this preserves its position that you she was betrayed
  • 07:56: turn the tail if somewhere a wire a little deviated nothing wrong with end it's all easy fix it by the way, to me it seems when you try a few fold bend the wire writing will be quite not necessarily all biting off excess
  • 08:28: part of wire we form on the edge of the wire so the same loop these are the basics written very often occur as a pendant instead of the word you you can use how to idea your name purchase this species wire you can in online store all the beads dot ru Do not forget
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