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  • 00:00: You want at a time get rid of emerging nasolabial folds then be new alert procedure by Olechka Metelskaya it on it aims Olenka hello carafe hatch but for us women who emotional love not gesticulate only hands but also face constantly smile that frown the appearance of nasolabial first folds a sign that even the Wrinkles appear on the the whole face of metally porsche Show nasolabial folds fear not only its
  • 00:30: try forgetful and not at the falls and You killed her, you can the whole city with different luring hiring faithful and suit components Qaida help It produces dreams Callaghan too Kiril in front of and so and and springy youth expressing the result execute it already Peaslee 1 to 1 tanya rightness and you write down the recipe chudodeynoe masks I Paris, your beauty for a long time get rid of nasolabial folds It is very difficult We try something do not always home it is we good result if still make skin
  • 01:00: elastic but that's all over area of ​​the face is simple and easy to nasolabial we go in the folds beauty office and there begin tell it all very serious that we have missed point here is that here when we were little more than 30, we have already been used special mask special creams here a story here happen to my my girlfriend just turned 30 years it has gathered going to meeting graduates two weeks before events it met with his girlfriend with whom
  • 01:30: to constantly I competed girlfriend starts tell you well dressed but I see you're an adult and Now I see that's just because it looks like your face nasolabial folds you such a beautiful deep but I have no such post and such a compliment girlfriends came to my people to complain It ended with that we started to pick up money and did everything possible to two weeks later, she I went on holiday and and This ex-girlfriend already said, following a compliment
  • 02:00: I know you're pumped Statement Botox and then hyaluronic acid here you have so nasolabial folds and up to my girlfriend start make faces it I am doing over there Fish's done some funny here moments of order to show that it is not frozen facial muscles and what facial expressions-preserving facial expression is preserved and it can either way and sponges into a tube and and the broad smile there's all that anything here no there Botox and no This brought the total
  • 02:30: poor unfortunate to the fact that it is constantly I go and receive what you I did there I know not admitted but admitted his teacher on the secret I told He wants it to us in a rather learn the secret of this magic mask that helps remove even nasolabial crease but only those who or those outlined are already well It can also be seen compete and who well, we have already seen a little bit adjust a situation we can not give effect so now injection procedures we can do everything possible to home conditions get
  • 03:00: the most good result the skin will become more more elastic engorged with water disappear roughness skin makeup starts falls better not be here Now these dry room of mind the program we put tonal foundation that is, this is great a mask can be use almost any as the best age prevention is possible and as a corrective If wrinkles are already there is what is the force this masks some ingredients make it so effective the magic behind our basis is normal gelatin we take a tablespoon
  • 03:31: spoonful of gelatine or 2 teaspoons with a slide pour a quarter cup boiling of water at room temperature and giving to stand for half an hour Gelatin is a natural collagen which improves the upper the structure of the skin It makes it more soft smoother but of course this Collagen can not penetrate in the deep layers of the skin that is, it surface good effect great following that we have it spirulina this microalgae which comprises currently about 2000
  • 04:01: different trace element of these 18 amino acids of which 8 that is essential not produced the human body should not come from the outside, respectively, particular actions like amino acids good for our skin spirulina we d is a taxi where that is, if We had a tendency to ie rashes She goes with us spirulina is good way to regeneration of the skin they till I tell about Spirulina is already in my there is a ready gelatin which when swollen represents
  • 04:31: Here's a mush if suddenly we I get a firm add a layer of Me even a little bit of water gelatin we set for to then Melt in a water bath we will have receive a time standing mass of the have we not to mane them date 50 60 degrees just tepid and a uniform and returning to spirulina spirulina It is a good means to moisturizing the skin to everything else if We had ulcers burns posttraumatic elements in
  • 05:01: application of this ingredient tightened better Spirulina I I understand that it can be in various forms in drugstore sold so yes it is sold pharmacy or form tabletochek this we today yes or form capsules and if tablets us need only 4 tablets if four capsules spirulina capsules we so often we use both I would like to because you're so not sliced want inside and outside and more it accepted way of inside to improve the condition
  • 05:31: gastrointestinal tract and lead excess toxins from the body that is the the tablet can be take yes it is insanely useful thing I have eaten to perform and expensive whether spirulina because that if the pharmacy have to leave 300 hryvnia it may better then to the salon at different manufacturers should in different ways but if we take domestic manufacturer or neighboring state such the case is 80 tablets 35 hryvnia but she did not expensive but if we only four tablets need then 80 tablets enough 20 mass but again in
  • 06:02: Depending on we bought spirulina capsules or how tabletochku we had further and work if tabletochku hto we take 4 tablets and fill two teaspoons water room temperature we need wait to tablets have become our as a homogeneous mass if we had tablets that need to Time to stand up they became myagenkie so we put spirulina simultaneously with soaked gelatin well-let tabletochki fully
  • 06:32: turns to mush by tell me how to do if capsules and bought with capsules simple no relationship eggs very quickly we open the capsule we pour pour water and immediately as if we are here this thick porridge we once did alginate mask and alginate wrapping it applied marine spirulina algae it is in principle also yes yes the algae there protivootechnym property has a mask for me for example it is important to It has a well and wherein it very well
  • 07:02: imbues the skin moisture and the skin of our It becomes longer dry and healthy beautiful and quite I dense spirulina I soaked in advance and in result, we It should get here so here it seems so Two ingredient mask a little so we use additional means that struggling with too skin aging before often it is a lemon juice is a vitamin c is we take antioxidant only half teaspoon ie It has already received over
  • 07:35: Liquid and add 2 drops vitamin and how times the vitamin and he It is struggling with age changes in vitamin that stimulates generation its own collagen we need only two droplets listen but in general if contraindications this mask and Spirulina with other because the ingredients if such vitriol and active effect it may indeed vessel more paint but if we like strongly dry flaky skin we take only one
  • 08:05: a drop of vitamin A. if we are going to or we become a mother only plan this pregnancy case, we recommend attending our doctor how much we we can apply Vitamin and externally and spirulina gelatin can be we are no allergens 100 will result We received just such a Now gruel looking at me that there A natural question they are on the green from ulia this mask when Olya it does not wash off turned green as well as the original
  • 08:35: Now any algae Here is such a obtained Here is an interesting skin very funny times there so we we melted gelatin add to our spirulina and until you lanes mixed I ingredients I remembered more about one very important young deante not for masks and for good mood and pleasure it fresh coffee cup please help yourself nescafe first rule am, in principle, to This stage can be declare that the mask ready to continue
  • 09:05: are nuances if the application of doubt what we can apply so liquid so Yes, we need to leave this masochku and give stand literally half an hour for the same to the gelatin thickens ie get this here interesting tender lodger if we do not We want to wait in a case, we cleansed face put a gauze mask because we did with paraffin weight impregnate houses gauze swab yes here this grease After 15
  • 09:36: minutochek as usual for tips gauze remove our we struggle with mask nasolabial folds in Basically yes but the benefits for the whole person and can be neck and décolleté rejuvenate with the help of such a mask can be the only thing that mask should not be deal near the eyes because vitamin A activity may cause some discomfort Blues still presence of vitamin c lemon active juice is still acid to give a eyes do not need to, you can make this masochki
  • 10:06: more directly on several times he did not need because spirulina we just dissolved and most good there but it's 40 to 50 minutes that we can from her to get Why that half an hour dissolve 15-20 keep minutes masochku Here, too, regards gelatin gelatin to Unfortunately we have long just that it is not necessary It begins to deteriorate in Generally this mask better fresh to eat but that inflict inflict put on a hand smears and while we We admire the mask
  • 10:37: It freezes well on the skin on your skin hands but we will have to the skin of the face and neck tell please rate to do this how often the procedure in for some time we can make it a one-time that is, and as a mask so emergency Beauty or if we want more in-depth result we do masochku twice week with a break in Three days in a row and so Three to four weeks then of course we more than good such a stand the result of which is at we have seen here after the third time
  • 11:07: really well with all good style for cooking mask with spirulina we need gelatin spirulina lemon juice and vitamin A. gelatin fill water for 30 minutes 4 spirulina tablets fill with water and also let stand after 30 minutes of gelatin put on steam bath and melt the homogeneously state whereupon remove and give to cool spirulina add lemon juice and vitamin A. carefully
  • 11:37: we mix pour gelatin spirulina stir and our Mask ready in Two weeks look in mirror and see and rejuvenated in beautiful woman in good mood I also think thanks to our girlfriends who their advice and remarks encourages us fight for their youth thanks Olechka please youtube hello each of us dreams longer save youth and beauty skin so
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