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What is the sewn in edging and how to work with the sewn in edging tailoring for beginners

What is the sewn in edging and how to work with the sewn in edging tailoring for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: the width of the cards today We will work with By this edge we are black you just showed a suit with tire cantilever today we show you something in magazines just a little bit of almost which modelers like You can work with this tank and now we are we will hold a small lesson like cover this step with mine maps look here Of course these are magazines that you I show with a Paris I have few pages for you showed now I want to show some models where there is a whisper you can look here
  • 00:30: under the calf common ragdoll over the collar to rag on and on center sleeves with a screen country he also goes on the back of an extensive I'm just you kant as an example showing look pants summer lapel louse kant pesochek here is our won conti here sewed with edge cuff according to plan
  • 01:01: glasses are very fashionable now here's my louse pandas look here I only show something for now look at this model attention here is the winglet from under the winglet the sleeve here is equal can the darkest here here on the edge here here you see behind all of us in the room candida collar see as behind done look yes look here
  • 01:37: striped shirt and here is a lousy cantique we started planochki look how luxurious it is there apparently on a coquette a little bit is visible here one cant see how everything is already uncommonly looks look relief checks passing into skladochki here we have up to folds in width edging of the transverse coquette of a louse in a cant miss see how cut off and sewn on lice in a nome conti see how luxuriously but here two models consists of two fabrics one cloth 2 cloth and please here is the canopy
  • 02:09: wife and his here see a lot here lace inserts and all are separated into the chief jacket we are talking about technology as zhezh you see how that I used edging very different options now look here pantsuit summer suit vest five women and bezrukov look at we are equal to the yagan for collar and on pocket and see already as it is interesting simply extraordinary here's a shirt on pocket pans
  • 02:42: My pitcher edge I showed you very much few options where lice whips to whisper over how can it be use models at the end of the sleeve planochki on hem bottom anywhere this but this it does not matter what we'll show you now how is it that is done will help us Natashenka she is all came specially to show you this lesson therefore be careful and you will do everything as and it will show you all it turns out
  • 03:12: attention in the 6 edges of our of the highest quality Japanese- wide edging but also any edging you will sew any I am cant he usually consists of Sosnovka is here will refer inside and out is left only here is this visible part is like us it is necessary to sew a magnificent groove for this we will use one-way foot for sewing a zipper we change 16 and we will be is preparing for our your samples [music]
  • 03:44: in the work to us then not shrunk need to encode his beforehand very to steam well repeatedly be careful at first NTC to sew our face task of our the bun was like can be closer to the mouth at whom household there are cars
  • 04:17: opportunity move the needle Right Left You use this situation and how you move their bun the very edge this is what we are prone to to the front our product Well, like it's at us the product they poke and rag just a sample here so it will be look like a person see here we work farther
  • 04:51: we cover the face to face to natasha right now it will be chipped who is not confident in themselves please see please no one asks now please look we sew exactly in line we turned over already there is our first line and we should sew the exact line no one asks need do not need to glue adhere it depends on the
  • 05:21: products you wipe you will do from those parts that are already execute for example button showed act duplicated shaft about these frills or for example if this strap in the shirt like the same seams and be not glued or if collar of course will crave you will Usually we sew our things how and always we decide only show you how to use noisy if you do not
  • 05:58: hold out and do not fall into groove with purl This side will be the white band here is this cant see white streak she will corpse look to look white the band we need 6 exactly, exactly what here this white band is all was hidden inside seam look like this our cant looks like now we go to teach fat table first we serve a then already working farther so that there are no waves show here
  • 06:28: our chain cantilever look how luxurious he can be like this just somewhere in the the middle of no necessarily blood I'm ironing this business and that's it. so here I am always I watch as it should neatly sessile places are all like mine such would be the beauty Here see for example
  • 07:00: What is a some detail where u We do not need edging here so here's to do on the edge if we have the edge products from it like this will look if somewhere in the middle of something like this please really beautiful now show one line if it is the edge of the product hour here on iron this edge and postponement will do to make edge articles collar belt or something else yes then of course you need sweep and sweat pump out but it's that if this
  • 07:30: the middle somewhere in the details go like this I will cover nothing need to iron inside handle overlock if the lining at all nothing processed look at the dead slightly oblique small stitches with and stitches why because they are better keep it all you saw yesterday in this in a suit of flounces Circle there in width edge also in a circle need a little bit train duplicate all tack neatly afterwards
  • 08:00: neatly iron correctly yes how now Natasha is doing on the line in exactly the same way you will sew on the circle remembrance for what strengthen the edge even if we iron and to defer folds of tissue are not ran into the edge easy cock look loved to spend here this piece from scribble and this remain with us like this just showed you like somewhere not on the edge products of edging and smoke from download
  • 08:30: I show it is put now a regular tray withdrew one-sided change on the move screwdriver we have under we all remember organization of workers places everything that should to be on hand all at we are at hand now we give our thread our sample is ready or shuttlecock made let's try an extensive edging do not be afraid of these Here on rounding
  • 09:00: do not be afraid for on these flounces do not be afraid for large collars make ends meet I'm just as sure just a little bit more mindfulness slightly tidier watch out so that the machine and stretched all to take in I am tasting the time and you will succeed please look what happened if it were collar or waistband only about something look
  • 09:31: how beautiful yes if this is the middle of the detail for example relief chic here, too, like beautiful he can first we showed you suit made with greasy kantami then I showed you several models magazines and showed on a small piece
  • 10:01: how to sew this edging so that spring ahead of summer we will decorate oneself with all all ways good with you were my grandmother relay mihaylovnoy with the theme of alexey