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  • 00:00: [music] Hello my dear friends, I'm glad welcome in on your kitchen today I'll show you how to cook very tasty cookie store I try not to buy trusteeship itself as the households are very fond of homemade cookies homemade cookies big o c without any additives and therefore it is not useful to us with you and also useful for our kids and so for this you and I will need
  • 00:31: flour 5 glasses butter or margarine 250 grams powdered sugar 1 tbsp there is 150 grams vegetable oil 100 grams of cocoa one and a half tablespoons can be one a tablespoon of all this for your discretion also 1 egg baking powder and vanillin or Vanilla sugar and so proceed
  • 01:01: kneading the dough and so the techniques are bucketed for we begin to knead the dough and so take the egg lay out the capacity also we take the oil spread Crushed oil should be soft and start stirring connect the egg with the butter I do it
  • 01:33: hands because hands are warm work better stirring you can stir one of the convenient add the vegetable oil and start agitate Egg of Mardary or butter and [music]
  • 02:04: vegetable oils and so mix pour out vanilla and vanilla sugar and lay out the powdered sugar and again we mix still by taking baking powder pour out the flour and now we will add flour flour I I requested in advance and add a little
  • 02:34: mixing will go dear friends here at I got so much dough that's it. should be this kind of flour for me there is now a little bit and now it's dough it will be necessary to divide here we take this a small part of this part for a large I'll take the purchase while the bear is here. we will add now while I added somewhere one tablespoon of me
  • 03:07: half the dining room spoon so I pass 1 We try it with a kitty I will succeed a little bit just a little literally add Vegetable oil and mix everything and so my dear friends, here I am the dough turned out now we will postpone it old lady and start making cookies with you here is such a dough for us and such a dough
  • 03:38: we will say so white and will now begin do with you cookies so here you can a little bit of flour just a little bit we had a harder I'm a little bit more add and went for what your dough too soft and because here we have You can clean the oil in the refrigerator somewhere for half an hour I now do it I
  • 04:08: now I'll clean it up somewhere for half an hour in the fridge so that The dough a little bit became more rigid that it was it is convenient to work with it and so my dear friends so I took out the dough until protest I have a light dough in my freezer that is in the fridge I pointed out this dough and now we have no This test will need to roll around here such balls While our dough is light and let it lie in
  • 04:41: fridge with you on each such here balls and so my dear friends here I am rolled such balls I got somewhere 30 pieces but I left here a little for decoration and now I will I roll out a light dough such a diameter is not well, about somewhere here with a finger we probably now We will roll out the dough and take our light dough
  • 05:13: I usually unroll the package whether it's very conveniently see how convenient you are and suggest that I begin to tell in package and so roll out and cut package it was for me comfortable I will be
  • 05:43: use it to buy this too further so I cut [music] and so our dough is ready to take a glass and begin to cut the circles this is the first circle
  • 06:13: [music] I take the ball ours and start it like this as though I close the dough inside it soft it works very well hand soft very well lendable limes and here and so I roll here such beautiful I get an even take
  • 06:44: I confuse the bottle ass here then in settlement so that our brown dough is visible and begins to do this pattern you can do more often more beautifully how convenient for you to travel more often here
  • 07:14: so if I make such a small dent with your finger, we pick off a piece of dough make a circle here right inside such a cookie and so do the rest cookies and so my dear friends here I am made a cookie and sent it to the oven one hundred eighty degrees of time
  • 07:45: say until I can not look at baking and so we send the oven I have not yet done this for food and have I have left gun until a year I bake I The rest I do all this and so my dear friends today I showed you how to bake homemade cookies baked on blue to me 20 25 minutes the first party is not exhaled 20 minutes second batch 25 minutes kept at a temperature of 180
  • 08:17: degrees here the second they at me a little bit after all they roasted a 1 or me turned opel and most importantly that they turned out very beautiful and most importantly delicious only if you like a little bit better pass put powdered sugar 200 grams and if you have sugar that can be 150 grams also a horse or 180 grams whether I thought enough and did not get moderately sweet but my household of course love shea butter when rolling out
  • 08:48: beads with cocoa you close them seriously so that they have you do not dry out while you do biscuit here's all my recommendations dough I wasted all the tunickel in a tunic the only one here was not a little bit do this there is such a cookie for three things turned out they turned out they very crumbly here are java leprosy here look very tasty cookies bake and please your family and friends
  • 09:23: thanks for being with me subscribe to our channel just for you kind and pleasant appetite to you