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  • 00:00: Hello everyone prepare delicious and absolutely simple dish of young zucchini zucchini in fragrant crispy breaded in the oven watch the zucchini you get to listen very crisp and we cooked them in the oven
  • 00:31: it's wonderful so how zucchini not absorb into themselves completely superfluous oil is very tasty and you want eat immediately you hear them crunch so very much tasty and for that to prepare these very tasty zucchini I need two young zucchini here I have about 550 gram of courgettes breadcrumbs Ki is about 100
  • 01:01: gram parmesan cheese about 40 grams of cheese Parmesan Run on their desire if Do not want to add about 60 gram of flour salt pepper to taste olive oil one egg and also I will use such spices are spices I will add to bread crumbs and here I have about half a teaspoon of salt I take a little salt since I will be zucchini still prisalivayem 1
  • 01:31: teaspoon dried garlic 1 teaspoon sweet peppers 1 tea spoon progano herbs or Italian herbs and a quarter teaspoon chili peppers are flakes chili peppers chili take it in your taste as it is will add such a stop courgettes first prepare zucchini zucchini I cut straws such brusochkami
  • 02:01: something like this pieces you see these are the pieces I get it so I'll cut the whole zucchini and today my zucchini
  • 02:31: I will not cook on frying pan in his deep-fried but in the oven as they themselves zucchini they soak up pretty a lot of oil and make a dish more it will be useful as delicious as deep-fried I will cook zucchini in the oven I already have an oven included
  • 03:01: warmed up to 220 degrees cut courgettes I I transfer in a bowl slightly with salt and pepper a bit add literally little olive oils and a good I will mix
  • 03:32: prepare breadcrumbs ki croutons I send the cheese Parmesan and all spices good good mix croutons are obtained very fragrant wonderful smell in
  • 04:02: a bowl I break an egg blur and now now in zucchini I pour out the flour and it's good. they are mixed to all the courgettes are good flour shift zucchini
  • 04:33: in a bowl with an egg I take little by little and immediately I send in suhariki every zucchini is good crumbling breadcrumbs from all sides
  • 05:06: that breading It adheres well I prepared in advance the baking tray has covered its parchment paper and smeared with olive oil spread on baking tray zucchini on some distance from each other friend and so I repeat with all courgettes
  • 05:36: I put them well in breading and spread on baking sheet I formed the first Party zucchini so how is my oven a little in my there are two zucchini tray put well heated up to 220 degrees oven first so that they browned with one hand and then I have them and I'll turn them around and make them browned well on the other hand I now turn over zucchini they from me
  • 06:07: stood in the oven about 7 minutes because they have already dried up roasted there now I have them a little more fry and they are ready immediately then send the second a batch of zucchini in oven while I have roast zucchini in I'll cook the oven sauce sauce you can cook with or mayonnaise or kefir like you more like either with sour cream here at me homemade mayonnaise how to make mayonnaise at home you can
  • 06:37: to look at my I leave the channel reference for video in description I love some dill melenkomu buy dill add to mayonnaise also I have here there is a pair of teeth garlic and I rub on small grater add to mayonnaise mayonnaise I already spoke to me
  • 07:07: home so he very delicious I do not add salt but I want a little add white pepper and I want to add a little nutmeg ground nut slightly for flavor and it is good now all mix into me quickly ready very delicious aromatic sauce I'm now I'll try these wonderful zucchini sketch itself
  • 07:37: they turned out very tender inside together With that and crisp and plus on top of this wonderful breading in it all is felt here these cheese spices are just great be sure prepare look from two courgettes turned out whole dish such wonderful delicious snacks snacks for everything be sure prepare I'm sure everyone will like me
  • 08:07: I wish all pleasant appetite husky subscribe per channel ludaeasycook positive cuisine leave your comments and of course share this new videos with your friends all bye bye