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  • 00:00: just deliciously highly recommend try out even on the set or when the beach came and cook but quite lazy before friends with You kitchen inside out this issue for lovers of zucchini and if you do not yet love zucchini means not all recipes have tried today are 5 of my favorite recipes with hooks and traditionally experiment stay with me will start deliciously with squash caviar this recipe for those who do not like long stand by the stove there is nothing to fry for a long time boil stirring to not burnt
  • 00:32: you just need to wash and cut the vegetables then. Blend the edge with a blender tasty and practically dietary since I do not recommend a little oil it was easier for everyone to find the recipe while I cook almost every For a week I clean and cut the sea very well here it does not matter how exactly cuts can be cut a cube into cubes and rings if zucchini young skin in the sky on we put in a bowl [music]
  • 01:04: salt add a little black pepper and about 3 tablespoons vegetable oils mix well and fold into a sleeve for baking [music] do a few punctures with a needle to The sleeve did not burst and the statuses were approximately 60 to 70 minutes at 180 degrees
  • 01:37: It remains to interrupt the blender easier screen was too liquid draining all extra juice better then add and how to get about 700 sconces I do not store such caviar for a long time in refrigerator no more than a week for the winter I harvested in another recipe they too share and for this recipe I cook Caviar even in winter and frozen vegetables I am sure that such a way to many
  • 02:09: like deliciously just how I love The second recipe I highly recommend try even on put it tender casserole with courgettes patients casseroles a lot but from others I already refused to grate rub two medium zucchini then about gram 700 add salt and mix it here for 10 finely chop the sweet peppers onions and dill minced chicken I take about 500 to
  • 02:44: It will be tastier if minced meat is cooked from whole chicken they only if stuffing I add salt black pepper and a teaspoon of garlic garlic is needed is dry fresh garlic I do not like casserole at all he gives unpleasant odor add chopped onions and mix after 10-15 minutes squeeze out zucchini all juice needs to be removed otherwise probably casserole will be very much
  • 03:14: I now connect the fluid prepared stuffing with zucchini add pepper dill he's afraid [music] form greased with vegetable oil and spread the mixture from above lubricate sour cream I have two small ceramic Forms with a diameter of 20 centimeters can be of course, cook in any other form
  • 03:44: more vladimir bake about 35 minutes at 180 degrees then I take out the casserole with cheese and I send the oven again for another minute 10-15 serve in a better course hot or cold form is also not bad try a very tender and juicy and delicious baked cake if give the bones a recipe for the eastern ask but often happens this I think only from me that the guests are already
  • 04:14: the main course is still in the oven then I cook a snack from zucchini for three minutes and in the heat when not at all I want to turn on the oven or something fry in a frying pan this recipe too very much helps or when the beach came but to cook but quite lazy you need to bake to such zucchini with mayonnaise or sour cream, you can simply salt pepper and a small piece of butter and most delicious with zucchini cheese cut it with rings thickness
  • 04:46: spread on a plate [music] there in the microwave to the maximum I have 800 watts of power per minute later I add cheese from a fox or salted it is possible to salt a little and still a minute and a half already small, well, then what? not very young zucchini got caught another minute and a half is now ready deliver
  • 05:18: [music] when hot very tasty try in the summer for me it's just a wand-rescue and now experiment give something unusual from a zucchini prepare tea poured from a vegetable marrow when he has already added sugar and HIV and not two is better than a lemon so to us so than a sword and
  • 05:48: cut the easier hair shaver shallow normal cut in ms Let's do ourselves sweet and one spoon is good enough without
  • 06:18: pitted put in microwave for 3 minutes max up to 3 minutes passed kiwi food Sure enough, maybe even a couple more Three minutes of added time let let's pull out three
  • 06:49: [music] mother now we have to set aside what's on ourselves cool and I'll show you two favorite recipes as I prepare zucchini on 1 1 it's marinated zucchini without sterilization that is perfectly stored even at room temperature these ingredients are needed at the rate of for 3 liter jars I also write a description of the zucchini well can and cut rings on the bottom
  • 07:20: cans of dill then clove garlic half two pieces on jar and pepper peas 20 farther densely I put zucchini add 1 bay leaf and a little more garlic Similarly , well -known banks [music] pour boiling water and leave for 10 minutes
  • 07:52: then the water is drained and poured a second time with boiling water this time I prepare brine water add sugar salt and vinegar until boiling The water from the cans is drained and immediately poured which brine [music]
  • 08:22: screw-top jars overturned upside down cover with a warm blanket and leave it to completely cooled down forgot to say that cans and covers I preliminarily necessarily sterilize some I do I'll show you the next video another recipe homemade caviar roe just deliciousness The purpose of snow snack we rarely have although I like a lot of food
  • 08:52: This q is exactly the pieces you can of course to interrupt everything with a blender to obtain a homogeneous mass as in first recipe ingredients also duplicate in the description of the video zucchini chopped in a meat grinder superfluous liquid is drained off much more I pass through a meat grinder onions [music] a pan with a thick bottom me 4 liter
  • 09:24: I pour out the oil add salt and sugar slowly fire for about 10 minutes then add carrot say channel 10 on average fire then take book finally add quotes with constant stirring I say 30
  • 09:58: minutes from ancestors to be treated end add vinegar and leave to puff another minute on the sheet doll adora ready to work in sterilized cans I turn over and cover the window with a warm blanket and leave until completely cooled
  • 10:29: also stored at room temperature now I will try and 1 for help to anyone that minutes for canned pineapple pineapple turbines home less lemon and his tent, too , peel away the window very much like lumps
  • 11:01: [music] it's cool to cook if you Have watched the video before this point write a comment that will be I finished watching the start of a word or looked better comments that will get more number of likes. I show in the next video put like subscribe to the channel if it's still Do not and click on the bell there is a lot of interesting things ahead