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Feysbilding – gymnastics for the person. General exercises on 5 zones [the Shpilki|zhensky magazine]  See details »

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  • 00:05: feysbilding this gymnastics for people with which you You can get rid of facial defects to improve the outline his face and to maintain muscle tone so young today we We prepared for you exercise complex conductive worked 5 different zones zygomatic muscles of the chin nasolabial triangle frontal zone and circular muscle eyes before
  • 00:31: activities should be wash your hands thoroughly Clean your face and prepare a mirror which you will control The process is reversible note that if I have inflamed some facial nerve or have cervical hernia before start of classes needed consult an expert and so to start making easy to workout improve circulation and prepare to face exercises Home exercise for workout simultaneously open eyes and mouth
  • 01:01: be careful to your eyebrows are not if you do not move obtained control gently hold their hands are also important pull the upper lip down so that there were no kinks in the nasal labial field number repeats from five to ten as well knead neck circular motion and using tilt sides We proceed to the main exercise our complex start with gymnastics
  • 01:31: zygomatic muscle that keeps the whole face frame and train and very important because as soon as it weakens all floating face down when the zygomatic muscles are the tone on the face become bright expressed apples and beautifully highlighted chipped giving themselves sculptural face an exercise performed in the following way pulling his mouth into an oval and fix it position then begin strain zygomatic muscle shortening and
  • 02:00: relaxing them as though compressing eye At first you may not prepared to move them as our they are weak facial expressions involved therefore can not respond immediately to learn feel and monitor these try zone pull in the mouth and an oval In short the sound of In this exercise, very important to near the nose was all disclosed for this during perform pull top lip down and monitor corners lips
  • 02:30: they should be still working only kolami repeated 10 15 times following exercise help get rid of hated by all women second starting from the chin warming up workout relax upper lip and easily Kineta bottom jaw forward you You should feel slight tension in chin area to follow any discomfort in joints have not arose again 10
  • 03:00: time now turn the very exercise Open your mouth slightly tighten the lower lip for without straining your teeth corners of the mouth, and do draw and flax and move forward and up slightly straining the upper part chin during doing this you have to exercise to feel the strain of jaw is very important not to strain the corners Be very lips careful and caution emphasis on jaw Repeat 15-20 times with
  • 03:30: linger in the the last three times following exercise also help in short term tighten zone under chin and get rid of fat We work with deposits hyoid muscle and We are drawn to the language of the nose you must feel like pulled muscle repeat 10 15 times We proceed to the nose labial technique zone execution The following exercises forefingers fingers fix All the nasolabial area from the nostrils to the corners
  • 04:01: mouth and in this position try to move Only the upper lip important factor lip does not retract inside and straining and relaxing the lower in his stretch not fully relax the corners lips between the upper lip and nose should There was a feeling it tones up the heat the area and It helps improve outlines the top Lips zone 4 which we today work through it put the palm of his forehead the entire surface
  • 04:30: forehead before the eyebrows for skin fixation begins to rise eyebrows do not be afraid Perry strain muscles and make every effort you should clearly feel the muscle located on the forehead above the eyebrows using hands not only it helps hold the skin preventing crease but also creates an more load allowing faster muscle pump repeat this Submission also 10-15 times and the last zone we today
  • 05:00: We will pay attention to it circular eye muscles We start with a warm-up intensively blinked opening and closing their eyebrows do not move if you can not hold hands work only eyes again 10-15 time now turn to exercise index and middle finger Practicing corners the eye is very important not to formed crow foot in this position strong and close
  • 05:30: fully open eyes you have feel the muscle under finger movement must be intense but without overstrain be careful repeat 10-15 times this complex try repeat every day and after two weeks you will see the first the following results releases feysbilding and we will focus on a specific area exactly what exercise you more interested in if all you video liked
  • 06:00: Be sure to fingers up and leave your comments to the new meetings