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  • 00:00: [music] violetta we urge you take care of yourself specifically to do special gymnastics for the face and so gymnastics person today show what need to do and exercise our viewers and our viewers studio features We do ask women together with us and to make you understand which muscles we are working
  • 00:31: invited special guest on the face that we have these muscles own inflicted that is painted just as they actually lie just under the skin begin your name Natasha Natasha wear see here is muscle cheekbone and
  • 01:00: muscles circular muscle eyes bursting and then a large number of husband who rises corners of the mouth gives us opportunity on the march vatsya very ensure our sophisticated mimicry muscles Facial attached God does not like the bones the hands and feet and skin so when they cut them inevitably ages the skin and we need to learn these muscles contract It does not change the length Now looking at these muscles we will do exercise is not
  • 01:30: I tried to go try to make like this people is exercise is recognized strain Now that we are here lying under the skin it board called ZMA technolog shawls technology Teeth clenched teeth mouth Close Close and try to lower jaw pull back on closed the teeth create mouth slightly locks can be like that
  • 02:02: and through a peephole here this muscle so jaw ago ago across and hand feel around What's the voltage board corners exercise ZMA's this muscle that we droops and fix for 5 seconds so closed their teeth slightly lifted the mouth took lower jaw back not opening the teeth
  • 02:30: little mouth parted teeth closed lips and through the open back and think before five one two three 4 May Well done 10 times to repeat 10 times this is the first second take a hand Pick up chin in his hand attempts to lure talk a little damage and trying to open turns crush pro bullet I hand
  • 03:01: try to open the gate seconds keep at the maximum. kind of jaw send or this against 2 chin and through pull down we even shiver through voltage see on Dmitri we partner repeat chin will for sure heavy load the most important look bake them just as counted to 5 then relaxed Do 10 times
  • 03:31: following exercise remember how look here these It means more models or city good at them not visit me on the lip and so the upper parts Ruth closed the teeth have closed and lower lip Tianeti so we went upstairs
  • 04:00: stronger our girl nine times two I that would have relaxed We went two or three times on May 4 and last and last you wash off lips a little bit slightly open mouth and pull the corners of the mouth down I do not imagine how Bud-cm and kite lips
  • 04:31: and teeth closed and Die pull down go without moving This lower lip girls drove off ti corners have closed down will lower corners heights one two three 4 May you better in whom you have You will not be exact nothing better for sure
  • 05:00: also waited until repeated 10 lashes Thank you again The more you us help or today it's time to end