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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone is ready for today incredible envelopes juicy stuffing with ham cheese and crispy breading is easy an incredibly tasty snack that everyone will like to see from above crispy batter inside the ham and flows out Here is this wonderful cheese greens with
  • 00:32: garlic how it smells incredibly tasty and in order to cook it very much a great snack from cabbage to me will need, of course, first of all boiled cabbage leaves which boil I'll show the video also to me later need about 200 cheese for filling gram I use cheese cheats it has such slightly spicy taste it seems to me he it's fine here but still
  • 01:02: any solid cheese can be used Also I will add cottages to garlic garlic add to my taste here small teeth are pretty much because we love garlic also a little dill a small bunch in my stuff also will go ham about 200 g and she has me already sliced thin such pieces and in order to plan cabbage envelopes I will need mukan crackers two eggs and also in biscuits I
  • 01:32: I will add one teaspoon of paprika one teaspoon oregano and one teaspoonful spoon of dried garlic Well, of course salt and black pepper on taste first you need to prepare cabbage for This cabbage should be slightly boiled to cabbage leaves were soft at me here already has begun to boil the water at me here such here small shake cabbage it is necessary to cut out a cob I pull out the water on the goal and lower it
  • 02:04: here cabbage and now neatly with of two forks as I will take off cabbage leaves so that the leaves are not digested cook about there for three minutes to the leaves became soft No more leaves that I already have I cooked on a plate and naturally I cool strongly I do not digesting because they are looking for
  • 02:37: the leaves are hot they are still in process will be will cool down cooked cabbage leaves should be prepare to cut off this thick one vein to make it easier to fold the envelope we prepare cabbage as cabbage rolls on a fine grater natry cheese I do it it is on a fine grater so it will be more convenient to wrap the filling in cabbage leaves are obtained here
  • 03:07: raw dill finely chopped dill will give such a wonderful flavor and will delicious add dill to cheese on fine grated garlic add some black pepper to pour the cheese I will not because I have is a cheater
  • 03:39: he is spicy enough if you use some other cheese Well, you can sprinkle it a bit, and of course I mix everything well now crackers I have crackers purchased and suhariki these are such very light in Asian style cooked but of course you can use and just bread crumbs add paprika oregano and garlic slightly salt and mix the black pepper and myself
  • 04:11: crackers I will be very interesting with a piquant taste eggs are broken into a bowl well Now I'm making out cabbage envelope take a leaf cabbage spread on top of a ham ham I cut already thin enough on top of cheese our cheese stuffing cheese I
  • 04:42: I take a lot so it will be tastier of course and I turn off the envelope was to cuddle more flat I turn the leaves on both sides doing an envelope it turns out to be such a wonderful envelope and inside the ham and delicious stuffing from cheese and so I form everything cabbage envelopes
  • 05:14: I formed all cabbages total of these ingredients I got 11 envelopes I included a heated frying pan pour the vegetable oil and now plan cabbage envelopes first breaded in flour then in the egg and then in crackers
  • 05:45: convert the envelopes to the pre-heated A frying pan is necessarily a seam down just immediately form as many how many envelopes do you have for a frying pan on medium fire fry literally a half and two minutes with each hand and turn over to look what you get beauty and planning yourself
  • 06:17: breading is already very fragrant smells nice smelling with second side and immediately preparation a plate with paper towels where we will shoot ready-made envelopes fried babies there is removed on a plate of course in this way fry all cabbage envelopes grow melts flowing
  • 06:53: my mouth is drooling it's easy A wonderful snack here and a crispy breading and slightly crispy cabbage from a super filling this melted cheese with garlic greens and ham but you know it simply divine be sure to prepare such a snack for their I think this appetizer will break up with a bang and the best of it is directly hot
  • 07:24: when she's still all that crispy and cheese I want to melt all pleasant appetite write husks write share this new video with your friends subscribe to my canal ludaeasycook positive cuisine to everyone till [music]