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  • 00:00: [Music] to love God in the inspiration that is to the graft at the mechanical hole is a graft where we practically have
  • 00:31: need a drill or a screwdriver of the tips so we must have to get one a cordless screwdriver like this and two or three tips of a diameter different from use based on the diameter of the march is appropriate maybe even have a passer like this that is once
  • 01:01: we made the hole practically we take slightly we take the hole e slightly comic and a graft clearly lateral therefore because it is done literally too much so there is not need to capitulate sports ernesto is a grafting that is done at rest decided tivo of the plants for which I would say that the ideal period is February February March
  • 01:32: now I will show you how performs for which I invite you to follow the death of all the lateral branches always at the collar level
  • 02:06: we check the diameter of the gear that must be the same here is this here is perfect we struggle to center of the area let's go down an inch no more
  • 02:43: [Applause] 1 flared king we will pull off a ring of bark
  • 03:37: doing such a circular and then eliminating the bark we leave 23 Jan. we do not leave the cut a little longer
  • 04:08: because we have to plan mills let's do the other I need [Applause]
  • 04:42: and which there were 23 Jan here is this slightly slightly more small important that at least a part exchange rate with budget for which it should
  • 05:13: be sufficient lazio that you combine I'm good here, let's do a other on this side here only that this here is a bit I do not have a gear we will take stock of it at this time but there is the branch but we will do it we can do it here maybe we do it
  • 05:44: more on those who love discovered change like this let's join together a little bit
  • 06:17: we find a gear that I can go well for this I would say that this is fine even here we will pull away about one centimeter of courtship good
  • 07:10: we are alone here is the gearbox change located in this position here
  • 07:43: who we always prefer to have a border ok
  • 08:26: let's see if there's one thing we had prepared at first a little hail rai that we can take off a little yes [Music]
  • 08:56: this point I would say that we can
  • 09:33: capitulate with this point to do it in the nesta triangle and we always end always the edges we will bring wood dowel
  • 10:33: we will check that the exchange and the
  • 11:24: threat can match we will proceed to the binding he arrived at the end we will leave like always the ring and we hope
  • 11:54: who we will proceed to at the mastic covering everything and towards for
  • 12:25: fitch italia you we put the brand everywhere when we did the umpteenth they were grafted over we grafted
  • 13:21: directly the side branches on the top we have practiced the triangle coupling to have the prolongation of the branch the marches inserted are not all of the same variety so we have different varieties and so if the graft is successful we will have a plant that will produce different apple types
  • 13:52: I tried to replenish the branches leaving the trunk of the concierge and then as an extension of the trunk I did the triangle coupling on the head here let's see which site of our the mesto grafts have departed enough vigorously also the triangle graft we come that
  • 14:28: He left very well [Music] I would say that the percentage of engraftment of these grafts and of the about 70 percent we have here a failure all in all
  • 14:58: we can be satisfied with this of this type of trigger now we can even begin to say give some sprouts so what to say It is always worth looking these experiments to verify precisely the validity or not of these of these
  • 15:32: interventions also come for this video ended as always I give you appointment a next albinia hello [Music]