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  • 00:00: hello all of you on the tasty channel channel today I cook simple and delicious pie the products you will need you see on the screen so start for began to have a half a kilo of cherry Bones cleaned on a sieve so that the excess juice is taken off then we take we drive in here 5 eggs add a pinch of salt and at maximum speed whip 4 minutes then add a sachet of vanilla
  • 00:32: sugar and rain sprinkled ordinary sugar and mix another two minutes such air foam should turn out now add here 75 milliliters regular milk 100 60 milliliters vegetable oil odorless and vzobem One more minute though it is necessary to add a bag of baking powder 10 grams in two or three of the sifted flour and mix it
  • 01:04: not for long at the minimum speed look at this such a doughy dough I should have left exactly 400 gram of flour take the form I have this rectangular split size 18 to 27 I laid a bed of parchment paper I will not lubricate the tank and put the dough on top of it I spread cherries quite a bit from the top
  • 01:37: I will add sugar and almond petals instead of almond petals you can take any chopped nuts all leave preheated oven to 180 degrees to about 40 minutes pie ready i'll leave it for 15 minutes then I will pull out of the mold and leave it on the grate to cool down completely the cooled pie I sprinkled with powdered sugar and now I will show you what happened here look a feather well rose it
  • 02:08: very tasty and aromatic try cook and if you liked put a kid and subscribe to my the channel will be cooked together