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  • 00:00: people today will cook zucchini baked with cheese it is very tasty inexpensive in recipes I I try to use not Expensive Ingredients such as ourselves we can allow on Ukraine and Russia are not I liked one a woman wrote in I'm not take bourgeois recipes where vita is used
  • 00:30: cream 100% and sprinkled with grated shoes from him on will keep doing from what we have grows for preparation of the zucchini will need zucchini from me one and a half squash 2 eggs of sour cream a few spoons of cheese solid mustard on prescription zucchini needed
  • 01:01: cut into carefully Well, make zucchini I do not I clean them very much young from school from cabbage seeds on such cubes zucchini salting added
  • 01:32: spice pepper garlic dry I I'll take if this let it be dry of Che no more add spices and sour mix will explode and mustard a teaspoon can be stand seasoning
  • 02:02: add cheese fulfills three spoons rubbed it to the calf Door the rest is still sprinkled in this cheese mixture
  • 02:38: with sour cream and mustard add eggs zucchini add greens are looking for me dill I keep cooked jetta the third week like me photographed it's me two weeks kept dill it still that dill I little by little I do not take added you see what it is not pavel
  • 03:08: nothing Elastic branches dill cut it zucchini I will add greenery green feathers . Here is such a mixture of volume than from 100 barrels we put the form here
  • 03:45: I have such transparent form stack level I fill in the top this I'm forever cheese mixture of methane and mustard lines oven anya already included on top
  • 04:15: sprinkle with cheese well top sprinkled generously cheese send to oven to bake and before blanching on top of zucchini baked with cheese ready to bake they 45 minutes 200 degrees oven temperature there were zucchini ready baked blush now I'll try here cut to see him holds a zucchini shape
  • 04:46: casserole it smelled like fine, I'm a little bit I tried very much tasty fennel feel garlic very tasty go to my channel cook with me eat with pleasure before new meetings on channel