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EASY WAY to remove the FUNGUS on nails, the CHEAP WAY  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello greet you on my channel fungus Nail Problem which is not accepted people discuss aloud ashamed of this problems and suffer in single but there is methods that help you coping with this problem and without costly medicines fungus on nails very simply struck places never hurt the fungus eats away a part of a nail and a fingernail separated from body forming a void if you see gnarly
  • 00:30: nail and thus feel the pain then here in most cases you have dealing with deformation nails before come to the description recipe for getting rid of I wish to give a fungus several recommendations before as start treatment you need to pair your leg then you need to completely this will be possible prune do not drip on the nail him from above anything just cut it off on a maximum before
  • 01:00: places where the nail remains with the gun to body after you cut off the nail it needs a little to weaken, namely chipboard in order to upset protective layer of nail and give an opportunity the medicine gets into pores sometimes after this procedure of the nail file can be discarded and only after this will need begin treatment and so affected places need process the dining room nine percent
  • 01:31: vinegar after processing vinegar is not wash away give to dry up and so every day on the third day you see the changes course procedure vinegar treatment should be conducted every day until regrowth healthy of the nail plate but this is not so difficult to wet cotton wool and process affected places but for working with nails on which have a fungus very few of the master therefore
  • 02:01: most cases you will have to fight with this samples emoi and for today it is all subscribe to channel in order not to skip Upgrade to the next meetings