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  • 00:00: hello friends i alexandr zhirkov and school longevity happy to meet you and today again talk about posture and mainly about how to get up properly for that so that our posture is when you sit, pay attention to how you sit down as you stand here let's say if these are you public transport observe people or yourself
  • 00:30: Watch and when you sit down at home chair and then get up ordinary shorten your body like that happens you lean forward and then just make a start and get up it's a bit wrong it's not like that nature has pawned us and how it is necessary when you sit and then start to get up Imagine that your allow is separated and
  • 01:02: reaching up to up and then after her goes your body try it this way simply, but you immediately feel the difference and the same thing, start doing it do it more often so that it is developed in the habit and then your posture will be cool when you stand When you go when you sit down and when you get up with that look you sit and then the head and the light behind it into the scarlet water
  • 01:33: and you But not as before you did so and so this is all the information with you was alexander do not get up and like the video subscribe to our channel in order to to get information about health and longevity all good friends be well and live long [music] [music]