What Will Gypsum cardboard sustain? 10 Types of Fastenings for HL. Experiment. Competition.

What Will Gypsum cardboard sustain? 10 Types of Fastenings for HL. Experiment. Competition.  See details »

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  • 00:00: All hello today we will consider 10 types of fastening for drywall with We will conduct each of these types experiment to find out numerically how many kilograms of reinforcement so you will be Know what type of attachment you can hang the TV on a cymbal it is impossible to hang anything harder small picture in addition to this We will play out the puncher I 'll tell you about the participation in the contest closer to The end of the video in the general video will be interesting so sit down we start more comfortable before we go to experiments I want to make a small
  • 00:35: ad I often write people asking but I am first of all technologist but not a builder at the same time I know that there are a lot of subscribers to the channel builder so if you think that your expertise may be useful viewers then write to me first of all it concerns masters from Moscow and the days of Kazan but if you are from other cities then everything equally write something to come up with that same Well, now back to the plasterboard
  • 01:06: so let's start you're uncomplicated way it consists in twisting conventional self-tapping drywall well let's see how much this is now fastening can withstand [music] another way for the lazy is to using a self-tapping screw along with a conventional one dowel which is not designed for
  • 01:37: plasterboard inserts death and curled samorez let's see how much is fastening can withstand [music] at this stage it is necessary to explain something The matter is that as you will see further some of the so-called
  • 02:07: special fasteners for drywall will not show themselves much better than those two the way that you just saw which is absolutely not intended for drywall why does it happen on this is affected by two factors First of all, we must understand that strength There are two types of tearing and shearing what does this mean when we hang it for example TV on the wall then the body of gravity on The TV operates downwards and the self-tapping screw is screwed into the wall and it turns out that engines are not they perpendicular ie
  • 02:37: TV is not so much drawn mares As soon as it pulls it down, that is in In this case we are interested in strength to shear if we hang something on the ceiling for example, a chandelier in the force of gravity Acts down and s'mores is screwed up and it turns out that in this case These two lines of anise are directed in this case we are interested in the strength of pulling out as basically all the same people are fixing everything to the walls then in this video we will experiment on stress
  • 03:07: and in the future maybe I will release a video about strength to tear and, secondly, distinguish the maximum load and workload as you already saw and as you will see later in the video as maximum load rule corresponds already deformed state of strengthening and us in everyday life is interested in workload that is 100 load at which the mount can be in an undeformed state at For a long time they are like
  • 03:37: case with maximum load some short-term gap time as a rule workload is three times less than maximum load and so one more type of attachment is An anchor drigo consists of a method in The following is taken here such a plastic little thing with special incisions and curled Pre - prepared holes are these serifs the anchor digs into the plasterboard here and after that it's easy
  • 04:15: screw the screw and so let's Let's see how many kilograms will stand such fastening In addition, the drigo anchor is also metal that is all the same just for this operation we are here this The twisting spiral to is made of metal let's see how much will stand this
  • 04:45: clamping [music] and since you just saw metal tree showed himself not to better than plastic alone it should be mentioned that the metal dry you here this tip it more durable accordingly to twist a spiral can be without prior drilling but in terms of strength plastic drigo is not inferior to the metal so the following
  • 05:16: detachment of the so-called dowel Butterfly what is the fixation first it is rectified to death wake up pre-prepared hole and after this as it is its self-tapping screw is twisted wings seem to open and cuddle up to the sheet let's see how much can this hold and so one more kind of fastening is
  • 05:57: this is the construction these paws are spring loaded they first Compressed to pass through the hole After that, they are twisting These paws are pressed against that the area is large touch and there still are denticles who dig into the drywall then this fastening as you now see withstands a lot [music]
  • 06:35: so the next type of anchorage is Molly anchor consists of two parts from it inserted here with denticles digs into the drywall and on with screwing these bolts Open and cling to the plasterboard let's see how much will stand this
  • 07:06: clamping [music] Another type of attachment is here such a system from the fisher company and although at first glance it is not visible from where this dowel will take such wings as these two systems but in fact when twisting screw
  • 07:37: The dowel is pinched and the wings Discover and how you now see This system can withstand heavy loads [music] and so one more kind of fastening is use mortgage that is still on the installation of drywall is being thought through where there will be some heavy equipment to hang or furniture and
  • 08:08: in the frame is laid this metallic profile After that, in any place here you can to screw the screw now you will see how much can this clamping [music] [music] well, the heaviest artillery is additional lining of wood
  • 08:40: mortgages in principle from the previous experiment, it became clear that The strength limiter served here not the profile itself samorez that is, his hat came off but the result of this experiment is me it seemed interesting so I decided you show it too [music] and since you were convinced of the last two
  • 09:13: experiments with a strength limiter in methods using a mortgage and mortgage with a bar served as a self-tapping screw and I was interested in what if instead of such hlipenko you softwood use a more durable self-tapping screw I suggest you write in comment your guess how much kilogram in your opinion will stand this I will spend this week This experiment will answer Th closest to the right will receive from me as a gift punch that is still
  • 09:44: once participation in the competition the following must be done to fulfill three conditions in the first be subscribed to a channel in the second place like this video and in the third to write what that number which will correspond to the number kilograms that will stand this clamping Well, I just say that the answer I have not yet I know but I think it makes sense to write a number in the vicinity of 150 200 kilogram so if you have any then write the questions in the comments below. video and click on the bell if
  • 10:14: Yet this was not done not to miss the following video is well on this for today all for now