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  • 00:00: friends all hello you on the channel just constantinovym and now there will be a movie which we should have recorded at all already a very, very long time for several months months ago, because summer is in full swing in the yard the movie will be about what is not with us happened in the winter and all the wang of our channel is dedicated now we will talk about how we survived this the winter [music] 1 means I have a small crib
  • 00:31: here it will not mean zagotovochki zagotovochka yes I can not do this ran through the problems that we prophesied Vanga Vali who did not wind the wind house is wind because there is no cassin in the house I was not even unsteady surprise and the wind was more than 20 meters twenty four meters I intend to maximize need a little more and that The house stood as a monolith about the fact that he even
  • 01:01: not but I will not say that it is like an analysis soldered because well do not t wood well if only he would move at least there were some sounds inside but noises the sky is normal, everything does not stagger did our beautiful flat how many times have you cleaned the roof this winter it snow if the snow which came out not removed and did not plan nothing has failed and last winter it stood like this stood at all with no problems to me
  • 01:31: it seems even better than last year because now before the insulated Because of this, the snow lay loose on the roof and he is not a pattai tree from the heat of the house At least their core is rotten, I do not know To check it it is necessary them probably unscrew to inspect everything that sticks out of the earth there even traces of rust there are not bred there mouse in our beautiful cardboard house Well, no, well, it's fair to say
  • 02:01: that have not yet started what will happen next is not known yet there have not yet begun until quietly traces led they also did not start from insects until there were not many ants on in the house yet did not see any it is unclear what will happen next but for now so we have not frozen this winter in this the house was beautiful there were no frosts -27 in house plus 23 kept normal as
  • 02:32: self heat pump showed he died he there on the big minuses that did not give the heat pump works at all perfectly he does not have all the questions to him but when below 27 leaves he starts to lose performance but such frosts a great rarity and in such frosts is not present no problem to include a convector for there oil heaters which 9 rock or something else a little bit warm up and all that is as soon as frost released further on again the heat pump
  • 03:02: whether we are busted electricity for this winter how many years how many before is not normal until all While everything within the framework as I already voiced there in the region of seven-eight thousand together Our beautiful door has frozen listen very opportunely sorry interrupt a lot of questions were on the topic of how The door itself showed itself to the very severe frost was absolutely dry
  • 03:33: inside but there are two factor in the first we have enough dry The air in the house was this winter because Humidifiers have not yet delivered so the door is possible because it was dry but I'm sure that it was dry only because he has an internal surface was warm it was not cold and measured In fact, she was an infrared thermometer that in the area there are 16 and 18 degrees a the condensate begins to fall out somewhere a temperature of 78 degrees should
  • 04:04: be or even lower maybe we were poisoned by some formaldehyde fumes of course we already have a look No but seriously tell me that we guests were expensive who intended guests before came with tricky instruments Sergey Petrusha came from the astro project trash came Victor the boris with his super-duper device came ruslan home builder's diary have measured what we have here
  • 04:36: In general, the ideal air is obtained there are particles pm two and a half at all At the minimum here is dust and less than street in the house although all the bayans and decrees for this our insulation that will be dusty but no It turned out here very well even in general then what else do organic little smells because of course in the first place we here are beautiful while our front boards and secondly
  • 05:10: a little bit there is a smell in sb but it's all A temporary phenomenon and then, if not Ventilate if the outside is warm and windows are all closed. it was there day two you come and you feel of course, or there night all corked smelled It is worth to open the port sunglasses at different ends at home all this is quickly blown and from you are all part of your own came up with no but can be writes from myself and the reason for the smells I'm here
  • 05:40: picked one of these days with sebaceous help recuperator can already set it up soon and deliver the same run time system ventilation on a constant I think that a smell well then problems will not be any more because the air will be constantly updated probably so that we still have a niche what do you remember can be even more so that from what I remember, I'm all listed another option was that we have snow and court noise is simply not let's drive through the whole winter road well this is partly the truth of the road cleaned before
  • 06:12: roads were cleaned but in the spring they Yes, it's not that. I was sitting here like that, well, how I sat I dripped far enough dripping with a shovel could not leave I left the main thing is to have a good shovel will clear about what we forgot to say write in comments to ask answer well or can write what should still happen we will wait sooner or later to write down
  • 06:42: the answers to these questions are well here such short movie we turned out I hope informative that there they said that in the end they say that here grab a thank you for seeing to end we go on to build and you put huskies subscribe share videos on social networks and tell friends that there are such crazy like us and how to find us
  • 07:15: bye