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Marseilles wax, simple and beautiful invoice.

Marseilles wax, simple and beautiful invoice.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] decorative plaster where pores are mini she at us in a bucket that entirely to a name of a leg or pinch stirred the Venetian ceiling as usually all of which are applied by our a small area under the stairs to it all the cases on these walls we will need
  • 00:35: to put a casket on a carrier of Marseilles wax The material has already been formed Figure spatula that's just for I'll show you this way movements it is applied to do not about four squares partially so here here are the different parts
  • 01:07: she wore But the forces of this Marseilles wax in our country it turned out quiet but not very visible from afar look all white while we will then it's all a matter of saying wax and
  • 01:37: then we will see completely the effect that you can see that we have an invoice here We have already been dealt with, we will not hide wax firm file before to wax means first we take a little wax cast and here is this wall like her was white about divorce wax one to one or the other that we hide as the primer layer will be and then they already mixed the wax with gold
  • 02:07: silver here so we knead ourselves put simply was the core from the past times that's how the wand is a bit mixed brushes on but now I'll show you so remove put all around But we apply all the dimples to him from here angle to the corner so smoothly
  • 02:39: everywhere well we miss especially dimples in the pits all the color gone struck him a little bit of it will remain a wavy
  • 03:11: line we see already knocked out the top diamond still it turns out that in the course of us the contrast has already strayed it very well You can see the corners there by something small can You can even turn it off just like that
  • 03:42: We rubbed it there you can take mochalochku even wipe it off, look what we have here happened collected in the light falls badly this cat door here a little bit of me such as a gunner recalled opened first primed whorl with acrylic Kirov
  • 04:18: deep penetration of violence thick dick armenia was concealed by waxing diluted one to one with water The primer layer then hid you on gold and silver About so for the general plan that there was The staircase is opened first we will make light and hidden in the idol with parquet varnish acrylic matte here is still a dog wall hiding will show him also these
  • 04:50: additions Here we have a golden silver staircase flight march