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preparation of an antenna cable for TV or the satellite  See details »

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  • 00:00: few words about preparation of cable antenna in type and a couch on him special connectors connector cable used in TVs and in satellites for example connection TV antenna to your TV or to connect satellite dish in different compounds like dilution and 20 patch TV Now I'll show you how it is done, and so we required
  • 00:32: some basic and elements of the cable conventional antenna cable special connectors Now this plan first cable all with ivaetsya one side and on the other hand here so that's end fitting in subsequently the Connect dresses by such connector on the cable trailer going or with the proper connector
  • 01:02: this trailer already You can insert satellite I for equipment example, take small piece cable to show how can it compress we need a tool
  • 01:33: cable ordinary piece knife stationery with closely cut cable cutters can still be useful small pliers take a cable here just circumcised by cables like this that's approximately it is two centimeters It can be even half We take out the knife and
  • 02:03: scrolling preliminary cable neatly roundabouts and here we are putting And so it scrolls that notching the top insulation for in this way We need more time to it and the upper press isolation begins It breaks down like this It happened here Cropped still it
  • 02:35: all here so here manner breaks shooting stands respectively copper thread is here it may be copper may be other the material is so called screen foil respectively thread we are a little bit I do untwist so there are other perhaps ways but my ways the way he working on it is not work for more than one TV is not one satellite dish and
  • 03:05: so we have reduced to a thread the bottom so here it clamped because it should It is seen in chamber that's the way twirl and so that it does not not deformed He yearned to become thus denser so well then We will be cut off here
  • 03:35: So here bends Next we get too Knife case another snip as a circle to then it was possible remove the remainder of the cable and expose the inner copper wire central do also need to accurately and carefully so that's small circular
  • 04:10: movements in this way we bares live so much I can speak bulge insulation about as it should look like But if you tightly braided cable
  • 04:41: and thick and be wound connector will it can be hard for try to make following manipulations take pliers and a little mash This is how to remember a little something then she was getting a little bit and easier on the bed take here is such a terminal 3 here is such a socket
  • 05:19: so it looks and We start putting here and screw it on so that's the cable conventional mechanical actions when it he had planted began we twist to thread this is now not look out connectors little retreat on about the width wrapping and remove it any excess so
  • 05:53: way extra tim choose station a small tail respectively which is now closed during wrap cheat if it It can be difficult a little bit of help and
  • 06:23: so a pair of pliers watch closely when the wind the We need to ensure to cheat here in order to image where we pruned isolation on a fully village and stuck out a That's about as you no show just there We see that is here
  • 06:53: Now she sat cable I am sitting here like this here Now cut off balance the instructions usually it is assumed here protrusion this part on two to three millimeters is there is something like this cut off in such a way
  • 07:25: connector fully I am now ready here you can cheat any additional connector either directly as such insert satellite equipment connector can be Here such here e.g. z-shaped TV in the case started paste it here thereafter cheat him respectively then either like this that's just as well cheat inserted
  • 07:57: to twirl tight twisting then it all ready, and as such in this form it all It can be used continue to work here so here's a look You see it doing all this is not all just good while