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  • 00:00: hello how to get rid of flies apartment in the kitchen of course better these flies did not appear I will share with you my little ones small secrets and maybe they are You will be helped and you will get rid of the pain just not the stones will arrive I'll tell you that since the spring and whole of May June July August and even September if I have a warm fully opened balcony and balcony I have and the kitchen is a thing now you will show over Butts and there's a balcony here is the door all the time
  • 00:31: I have an open mind even there is no one curtain. but I closes already on the fork that opens I do not have enough air here and the same time I have open windows that is windows transoms in a room in one and the other room will open a draft sometimes happens here I am I love this weather in the house so she was and I want to tell you that I have no flies they will not stick to me for some reason I do not have mosquitoes I will say no 2 Molly and not there can not start from so little advice is always needed
  • 01:03: take out the garbage to make it in time so ugly word did not lie down and then on the table when he is there to fish meat that needs to be covered and of course not so that you do not forget norris before the fish has such a specific smell and flies do not know as well as not hearing how they feel now he's certainly on a lupine fish crypto plate it's meat that is worth but so that they why did we fly and watch cleanliness is what I'm following
  • 01:33: at you in the time I take it all out wiping there a cat on the table and trying so that next morning no carved utensils are no longer no matter Yours since evening and all I do it so it deviation from the main thing and what I do so that as they did not fly especially the kitchen is nothing special now I will show that I take water such thing to me the atomizer up to 100 enamel ordinary water with a tap well clean of course above the extremely clear water and then I take aslanich what both grew me
  • 02:04: butter pepper closely close gum you show close clove oil butter carnations and Geranium can combine them together this governments never combine let me say today I take mint oil tomorrow I 'll take it geranium geranium can be combined here very much a pleasant aroma of mint and dir and air fresheners in apartment wood nice smell and flies, strangely enough they
  • 02:35: do not fly and so the water is already me add geranium it and oil well how much somewhere from five copy from 5 drops here a matter of taste if very much love this this sunset you enjoy until then you can add 10 drops if are experiencing A little bit such an unpleasant feeling then slightly less 5 I do not think by the way so I look at the water 10 drops I'm not giving us any more mint by the way for me it seems to me the most
  • 03:05: so gentle is the easiest and most nice smell What flies do not like sapper mint I do not know and well, a combination of meat with geraniums it's more pleasant then and the apartment will have a pleasant smell such Fresh and no one will understand why so smells nice it makes kaida since the forward processing from surfaces which surfaces are processed on window sills on the balcony so it's splashing all over everywhere in all corners now I'll show you that I'm doing a video
  • 03:37: me this kitchen is a balcony and a balcony the door is not open and so everyone is everywhere already very hot that I do I put on I put on the window sill but I do not see the glass very much it's good that I started a couple of years ago glue tulle to the window slices paste why well because I I put this solution mohammed for all but for all for everything
  • 04:07: glass on all the windows to the vich where I am get out all caused if there was no tulle You understand what were the mortgage and dirty and here I do not shoot me actually change these pieces of curtains change 2 times here that is, in the spring and then already at the end of the summer I erase and again paste no mosquito will go well The fly does not fly here if you bet on
  • 04:40: balcony there on the floor must be put then there is this cheap oil as you see from me not expensive and cheap oil but nevertheless they they make me a good deed in the same way I put pleasantly smells nice in shackles and videos at the same time and prevention in my room just as I put on the windows and on the curtain on carpets and two frames is good then
  • 05:10: I do not spray the cable This vodichku with oil here about a format at I also just beat the form and Open and on my glasses are pasted tulle and glue so I'm not afraid of Saturday mortgages that will be ugly this glass something clean neat little pretty because here prevention and from The bright sun in general is so disliked and
  • 05:45: on the windowsill I put here already so good high put on the windowsill as I think the advice is so good in the apartment you will have a very pleasant smell can even cut off their very a pleasant smell and try it really, and also will not be you but I could not stay home they did not fly mosquitoes are not present though nearby the river and all mosquitoes complain to the sea I do not have such and can not and the sea, too, no, but with a moth I fight you know what clove to all
  • 06:18: good bye