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  • 00:00: hello though queen of the garden pretty capricious requires a permanent attention but it is roses favorites of any flowerbed and capable to bring a floriculturist so many positive emotions like no other flower that the rose is decoration of the garden and many years of pleasing it needs to be carefully care important element of care are top dressing there are two types nutrients for roses microelements and macronutrients
  • 00:31: macronutrients are those substances without which a rose can not fine exist and microelements are needed for a rose in minor quantities to macro elements relate nutrients as nitrogen phosphorus and Potassium is also a rose needs such elements like calcium and magnesium if plants receive in sufficient amount of these nutrients then they are normal roots develop green shoots and leaves and buds and
  • 01:01: Of course, plants abundantly and long blooming if the rose is not enough these substances it is located to different diseases as bacterial viral and fungal is important that all items attended the balanced view lack of one element can reduce to no effect other substances is also important in what it's better to make time those or other fertilizers e.g. nitrogen recommended
  • 01:31: to feed roses In the spring he is in charge of development of green parts of a plant shoots and leaves a Here is potassium and phosphorus it is better to apply for top dressing in summer they participate in development of colors and young shoots to these same substances produce uros immunity to various diseases phosphorus and potassium make into the soil after each flowering nitrogen in summer you need to make minimal he is extremely is dangerous for flowering
  • 02:02: plants excess nitrogen leads to a stormy development of green parts to the detriment of flowers calcium and magnesium are very important in heros for example thanks to calcium actively develops root system a magnesium participates in photosynthesis encouraging education chlorophyll thanks which leaves have bright green color if the macronutrients not enough then leaves become pale and they are smaller
  • 02:32: warped not taking natural form and coloring microelements are not so important for roses but their lack does its work to microelements include iron manganese bar of zinc and copper thanks to microelements at the rose is being developed increased immunity to various pathogens diseases in addition to roses are improving appearance at lack of young leaves change color roses are one of the few plants that
  • 03:03: can reduce several times over season and therefore need nutrition more than others plants in summer roses feed several times and in this period is longer use phosphorus and potash fertilizers but from nitrogen fertilizers at this time Better to refuse nitrogen affects development of shoots great danger thing is shoots that begin to develop do not have time in summer ripen to frost and just freeze
  • 03:34: in summer you can spend top dressing growth yeast ash in it time begins a period of turbulent flowering and plant needs a variety of nutritive yeast substances like fertilizer for roses applied in combination of ash top-dressing yeast contain a lot of vitamins microelements minerals and growth substances all this stimulates growth plants and strengthens their resilience various diseases root formation under
  • 04:04: impact yeast solution a is also accelerating besides yeast activates activities soil microorganisms at this is the soil composition much improves in it from organics are formed nitrogen and phosphorus and the truth yeast is absorbed potassium but to neutralize such is used additional top dressing it introduced directly in ground as ash solution the main condition for effectiveness of
  • 04:34: feeding yeast it's warm in the cold microorganisms are not are able to continue its development and produce useful compounds they either stop at growth or none at all die for to implement top dressing growth yeast is necessary prepare a worker solution we take 10 grams dry yeast two tablespoons sugar is poured a glass of warm water only not hot and insist on warmth
  • 05:04: place until fermentation then diluted in 10 liters of warm water for top dressing obtained infusion applied in ratio 1 to 5 1 liter working mixture with adding 5 liters water for each bush pour out 1 liter solution is desirable so that the soil in this case was slightly damp the result of such top dressing will be visible within a few days therefore top dressing yeast growth nutritious
  • 05:34: solution equated to top dressing mineral fertilizer through two or three days it is necessary to top-dressing of roses with ashes for cooking liquid ash fertilizer should be taken 1 glass of sifted halls and build in 10 liters of water to give infuse for two hours after fertilize at a rate of 1 liter per a large plant the content of potassium and phosphorus in the ashes helps roses
  • 06:04: receive important elements for good growth and violent flowering and potassium and phosphorus in easily accessible for plants form which makes the hall one of the best fertilizers for flowers call also can be seen as integrated fertilizer in which many important microelements such as potassium phosphorus magnesium and calcium excluding nitrogen beautiful rose garden is the dream of any gardener create a flower
  • 06:35: kingdom such a large and A difficult problem like it seems at first sight the main thing that we have was the desire and desire to do so and still add a little fantasy attach maximum of love and cares and we necessarily all it turns out though roses are rather capricious and require a permanent attention but they favorites of the garden and able to bring so many florists positive emotions like no other flower
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