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  • 00:00: Hello friends with you Ivanov galena and today I will show you how easy and quickly make a fascinating toy antistress will need only 8 squares and it gathers without glue very quickly, it's just fun to play and fascinatingly let's start piling square in the middle of the sides you returned and also for the other two
  • 00:30: parties unfolding I turn it over on the other side it is important and now bend the square diagonally unfold and on the other diagonal If you do not have time to put something on pause rewind back now is not
  • 01:01: unfolding I take the square like this way and I'll take it and detail to the center it turns out that's why it's very important It was leaf over to the other side now I bend both sides to the middle also do this side
  • 01:42: all these are just ready need to do such eight things I I will make 4 yellow and 4 pink and now we connect details we take 2 modules and we need here the tails insert the yellow module into the pocket pink color and here we are like so
  • 02:13: we push it all the way so that they are here here here so connected and now here So bend the modules like this way
  • 02:49: We attach the next module in exactly the But here I insert it and until it stops and again I bend the details well I will bend the fold and
  • 03:21: that they are very well sealed and farther connects all 8 modules in the same way linked 8 modules and now I close this toy in a circle
  • 03:53: I also insert it and bend it like this these details and now our toy is now ready with play it and you can do a few more eg friends or teach them to do such interesting toys
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