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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I want to talk to you today. about the appearance of their columns in Irish Lace I use them as a separate element when knitting mesh, I knit them together at once mesh not stitch flowers points on burdone berry can be like this tie up the vitamin with bars in general many interesting things can be done with them do but like to knit from strings soft twist then our bars they are very smooth and we have
  • 00:31: we have a relief here on this column such as iris or pearl thank you my girlfriends allochka for the opportunity to knit from such strands Of course you can knit from strings violet which density is cool glasses well Here, for example, here they violet knit very It is difficult that every single string
  • 01:01: I lay very densely, I evenly adjoined each other, see which An example is this one here twisted column I'm made of violet Density of steep glasses can be seen as visible reliefs and this is from the caries see them almost imperceptibly, I I pass a number of polustolbikov because semicolumns on the wrong side leave characteristic pigtail and grasping behind the back loop
  • 01:33: I grasp the half-tube still on the wrong side Here for this pigtail and then my posts you see how they are even stand and front full loop making such a beautiful edge here are twisted columns on a straight line they are performed on caterpillars this face is the underside of this jumper I pick up in the next column and then I do not have them in a straight line and the
  • 02:03: eeries and this is not. violet, you see how evenly lie every strand lies very, very evenly densely each other I'll tell you said that the caterpillar knit must be very very tight Here's an example for you to look at this bead and these columns and on this caterpillar and these stakes see this caterpillar was weakly connected and so here are the elongated ribs
  • 02:35: caterpillars of length this is unacceptable we are so not knitting, we will knit here so that no one hole and our product was everything is even and beautiful, but Three-sided caterpillar twisted columns on caterpillars are very convenient to make a turn and because you are all those ribs which is located between these columns they are neat and beautiful but the wheelbarrows for This column should be thinner than
  • 03:08: Here we do not allow a thread of the base put a twisted column, for example, but we usually we make a column without a crochet Semi-Column let it be so and a column with skip one rib next we make 1 column with a crochet second column with crochet now while working parallel to the crochet in
  • 03:40: I hold this place with my finger or leg to points and 1 I do the cape but we pull the loop from you and then I 'll put it this way I first and and so I pull and only then I lay out here and do nakida but Do not you think that only stretched out loops once the second loop from itself and I get on 2 look do I have exactly seven at my place
  • 04:19: loops smoothly on the crochet 3 they are all even
  • 05:01: impose but you should get very tightly I got 8 outstretched hinges I do not think it's about a bar with one the next one in the same loop pull out and this same loop let's all make graying 112
  • 05:38: If we go in a straight line in each we will pick up this The thread of the suck was a post if the stomach if this is our curl and it goes makes a decent circle and here it will be several loops then this thread we pick up so reception at you we do the first
  • 06:08: stretched loop nakid do not believe 23 after making three equal see if everything suits you then we knit on here I made 2 kind of them I grabbed a column from myself here I have 8 navi from one loop
  • 06:40: I have two bases in the basement that in this column here on the wrong side at I'm getting so weak here made here tightly and tight and that's how it turns out to me, let's further you can still do them, see as on a bourdon can be made before their sweat
  • 07:12: Still twisted columns there are here such them It can be done on berries buttons I used this column here in this The pattern of still twisted columns can be made and Threads from which we knit a grid you see in this place here in this place I made twisted columns on the curl too very interesting looks still possible make them you look like in this place an end between these columns it is possible to make a peak or here here
  • 07:45: see the peak here's just such twisted columns you can to do that is great big application of and varieties of dead bones very very much but first we need to tie for you to come here with us There was still a place for us to walked next to these columns is our calyx button
  • 08:19: now I a little bit increase the loop and beginning to call 422 that is, each thread is all individually a little to all the petticles on the chicken left free and the last one on viv do not do it much the other way around
  • 08:52: It is necessary to weaken it because when we we will lower it from the hook and here at We must have a hole in order to that to miss our thread is yes now I take a string and now I need to stretch it through everything
  • 09:24: these I brought about a beat I held out you should have such a ponytail at the end Then we will straighten out a little and start for tail for operating a thread to pull
  • 09:56: again they straightened a little here going to straighten out when our already on viva will be side by side, this big This is the loop I need to pull she was not big and quiet
  • 10:26: begin to spin and here is the working thread in this case pull up and wind up on yourself to like this
  • 11:02: somewhere it should turn out like this then dress the hook as usual we knit button grab work thread and pull it here and then only we tie it to the face this is the first time we turn inside out
  • 11:32: we knit them on the wrong side again petelechku extends and casting an 22 with your index finger grab a thread and start slowly lower and hook down at us
  • 12:04: comes petelechku immediately once we finger put at once it can be tightened so that she has It was not big and now you can completely pull all the loops tighten and you can silently
  • 12:36: tighten and can already be wound we pull until we have the size we need to make it dense
  • 13:06: everything was lying down so that this one The workers did not jump up the strings and and these bars, that is, check and pull it up so that it's tight here. in this place was dlinnenko here are two getting and we should get it like this from
  • 13:37: thick threads and this from the thin can be done the core is closed but you can do with a hole you need apply in marine motives or as here I have applied they are knitting in our Inside on it so far , thanks all for Attention
  • 14:11: see you in the next video