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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends today i I shall tell about such inexpensive and effective means treatment like menopause he will help you very much in many situations he consists of novocaine and menthol is very pleasant remedy anesthetizes and can serve as the first very many states elderly people are very wished for hypertension recommended
  • 00:31: menovazin but simply grease from ear to nape on the one hand and with another two times in The day must be done and The pressure will drop if you have large severe headaches around the ear smear too twice a day also
  • 01:02: removes any migraines a bit too much do not if it hurts The throat is also lubricated neck if well, and the joints with radiculitis recommended grease occipital part spine and
  • 01:32: lower back when various itchy skin dermatoses can also be lubricated in principle, even with temperature in children if you divorce menovasin alone to one with water can lubricate children they become much lighter cant be not recommended enjoy store if you have what is the wound there is not
  • 02:04: apply if you have allergy to components of the preparation novocaine menthol also do not use if you have damage to the upper upper respiratory ways it is possible to do compress also we breed one to one and do complex throat very well helps friends subscribe to my channel and I will tell you all about folk
  • 02:34: methods of treatment before meetings